Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dirty Works!!!

While my flower beds have been and will be an on-going process, I thought I would share some of my ( oldest son and Momma have done soooo much of this!!!) progress. I have basically an L-shaped set of flower beds that surround 2 sides of my house. I decided to start on the farthest 'end' section of bed, as several years ago when I planted, by the time I got to this section I was annoyed and really tired! So this time to make sure that section got what it deserved I started there first. My 16yr old son did most of the work on this section (since I'm still not allowed to do anything strenuous or any heavy lifting.) We moved the fluffy pink plants (nope I have no idea what they are! LOL) in there as I really don't care for them but as this is a 'rental' house I didn't really want to get rid of them! And I actually really like the way this section turned out! The next picture shows the 2nd 'half' of my front beds. There are deep red asiatic lilies, yellow daylilies, hostas, caladiums, begonias, zinnias, marigolds and several other plants as well! This section still need about another 2 bags of mulch to finish it off, but I love the way it looks! :-)
The next 2 pics are some of the extra daylilies, begonias and asiatic lilies yet to be planted. As well as a nice close up of my gorgeous deep red asiatic lily.
Next up is the other half of my front beds...this one will be the same as the other side...all matchy matchy! LOL As well as the 'rest' of my flowers waiting to go in! =D
Then comes the corner plot, here is a maple tree that grew out of something that the builders survived while whatever was originally there didn't! LOL More yellow daylilies live here. These will get dug up, divided and then replanted. Starting here the rest of my beds are gonna take some time to get done as they will take ALOT of soil and mulch to make them 'livable'. And that take $$$, so the remainder will be slow going, but eventually it will all get done.
The last 2 pictures are of the side of my house. This stretch of beds is long, but rather thin. There are a pair of azaleas, as well as a trio of rose bushes. There are also a couple of snapdragon plants. In the springtime I have daffodils and hyacinth planted in here as well.
Not too much to look at...yet...but I hope you have enjoyed a view of my pretties! =D