Saturday, September 14, 2013

I'm so excited...

...and I just can't hide it!!!

Heeheehee... I'm sorry I just can't help it.  Do you ever have phrases that just cause songs to pop up in your head?

Ok but back to my actual news!  I have finally; yes finally after geesh, months now; gotten some of the 1:4 scale foods and drinks listed in my Etsy shop!

Right now I have  Sodas, Chips and Cheese Curls, Coffee and 3different drinks in stemmed glasses: HEREHERE and HERE

Today I did up mugs of hot chocolate topped with either marshmallows or whipped cream. The resin is currently curing but I hope to be able to list them tomorrow.

Earlier in the week I had fun setting up a small shelf along the back wall of the girl's kitchen.  I used a bamboo silverware drawer divider turned on it's side.   I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

I also decided to work with the pink of the appliances and made this cute little cafe style curtain for the kitchen window.  The shelf is the perfect height for the kitties to perch upon and look out the window to watch the birds!

I've filled many of the shelves with knick-knacks and fun things I've collected from all over.  I've also added some books in there for the girls, including a copy of each of the new Cookbooks I created!  (Clicking the word Cookbooks above will take you to the listing for them in my shop for a better picture!)  The girls love their kitchen and can't wait for me to get some barstools made for them!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Welcome to September

Fall is almost here and here in New York the mornings are already getting brisk.  I've really been trying to get up at 6:30 with my husband each morning and stay up, some days it works and well...some days it doesn't. *shrugs*

I'm working on several orders right now, some are carry-overs from August... ok actually most of them are carry overs, but there are some new ones as well.  It seems I was very ambitious in my To-Do List I posted back on the 13th of August . As well I didn't complete anything off my list. :-(

So my list will carry over into September... with a few adjustments.
These are the last of my commissions:

  • Small scale Harry Potter inspired Bookends and books These will be finished tomorrow and shipped on Monday
  • Monster High sized copies of the Harry Potter series, Hunger Games trilogy, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and The Hobbit  All but the HP series has been printed, there is still more steps until they are done, but they ARE in the works
  • 3 custom Monster High dresses, Red, White and Aqua My customer has decided that the only one of these that is a MUST is the Aqua dress as it will be  the tree topper for her Doll-Themed Christmas tree! (I cannot wait to see pictures of that!)
  • large Barbie scale Christmas tree decorated in Burgundy, Purple and Gold
  • 2 Barbie coffee mugs DONE
  • 2 custom Queen's Jubilee Picnic baskets
And my goals for my shop:
  • Sew 6 1:4 scale t-shirts
  • List 8 new items in the store While I didn't get 8 new items listed, I did get 5 new pair of MH shoes listed, so almost there.
  • Make 4 sets of atleast 6 cupcakes each for Monster High, Barbie, & 1:4 scale This is partially done... I created 3 sets of cupcakes for 1:4 scale, but that's it. Will continue to make more with these focusing on Halloween themed design
  • Finish sewing and LIST the 3 reversible 1:4 scale skirts I made last month
  • List at least 5 Monster High items (shoes or clothes)  I did get 5 pair of MH shoes finished and listed in my shop
  • Sew 3 of the Barbie dresses that have been cut out since oh... 2011!
And my final goal is for the Monster High Weekly Photography group I started in January.  I started the group to challenge myself to do more dioramas and take more pictures of my MH gang. Sadly I have fallen WAY behind in even that! :-(
So my goal for that is to:
  • Take pictures for the current weeks theme and 1 past weeks theme. So by the end of the month I'll have taken at least 4 sets of pictures! Well I managed to get one of the current weeks challenges done, but I just haven't been able to get anything much beyond shop photography done.
Hmmmm looking at all the purple, I guess I actually DID get a good bit of stuff done, but I am my own worst critic and tend to be very hard on myself.  But I think I should actually be pretty proud of everything I managed to finish in just 2 weeks.