Saturday, May 29, 2010

More 1/6th Scale dolls

Ok so they are actually the 2010 Harley Davidson edition Barbie and Ken...but in my world (heeheehee) they are Darren and Trinity. This set was a bit pricey at about $60 for the pair, but compared to the $40 for a single nekkid 1/6th articulated male figure I was thinking about buying this was a good deal! Darren/Ken is fully articulated which is fantastic as that allows for great posing. BTW if you click on the pics they should get bigger. Darren has an awesome tat on his arm too! Trinity's belly button is 'pierced' too! The only thing I dislike about this set is Trinity...she is not poseable!!! Why on earth they didn't give her the same Fashion Fever Fashionista body I don't know. HOWEVER Trinity has explained to me that she is an actress and has a very iconic role in mind! Sooo I am going to try my hand at making a OOAK Barbie repaint. I am gonna keep her a secret for now...if I can! LOL I have already repainted her lips and added a beauty mark. Her hair is already perfect so the next step will be repainting her eyes to match the 'icons'. Then it will be time to make her the perfect outfit. Hopefully within the next few weeks I will have the time to work on her and get her ready for her screen test!

Got my hands dirty today!!!

I finally started getting the tons of flowers I bought several weeks ago into the ground today! (well actually now that I think about it I didn't get ANY of them in today! LOL) BUT I did get some funky fluffy pink flower things moved today. I really don't care for them, but don't want to get rid of them since out Housing people put them in. (I live in a rental) So we (Momma, me and my wonderful oldest son!) dug them out and planted them amidst the other flunky shrubby things Housing planted. I laid down landscape fabric and then covered it in a nice thick layer of mulch. I only got about 6 feet done before the storm came, but it looks really good already. Tomorrow we are heading back out and will finish atleast the front third. (My flowers beds are seperated by different parts of my house. lol) I will hopefully get some pictures taken tomorrow and will share.
My Craft area re-org is still going incredibly slowly, but that's supplies won't die like my plants could! LOL I have one more armoire to empty out and then ALL of my supplies will be in my living room. My goodness putting everything into one place really makes you take stock! Literally and figuratively. I really need to NOT buy more supplies just cause I think I might be able to use them one day. (Unless it's on clearance and a SUPER good deal!!! lol) Hopefully this coming week Mom and I can get back into the craft area and really get down to business in there. I am itching to make something, but until my supplies are sorted and put away I really can't find anything to make anything.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Almost Summer Vacation

Today was the 2nd to the last day of school for my youngest 2 boys. (The oldest finished last week) My littlest 'graduated' from Pre-K today so next year he will be in school all day long as a Kindergartener. I didn't cry like I imagined I would, but I am sure it will really hit me that first day of school next year. My middle son will start the 4th grade. Where on earth does the time go????

Last week I had my surgery and it went very well. I had to be in at 6:00am, and was the first procedure scheduled. I was in pre-op by 6:45 and had been given my anesteshia by 7:30. I woke up around 9:30 and the first thing I thought was 'Are we going to do this sometime???" LOL I left the hospital around 10:30 and was home shortly after 11. I slept off and on for most of the day. When I finally did wake up that evening I really felt wonderful. No pain or anything. Thursday was a bit different as I woke up with a horrible sore throat and a sore right hand where they inserted my IV.

It took me a few hours to remember that they told me my throat would be sore from removing the breathing tube. And add to that they said the 'happy juice' made me sick to my stomach. So I had a sore throat for several days. Thankfully I am finally starting to feel better about that. My right hand is still sore, but I can't really rest that as I do EVERYTHING with it, so I am just trying to take it easy.
I get tired really easy and have been taking naps every day, which is very weird for me, as I normally don't nap unless I am sick. But as my Momma keeps reminding me, I did just have surgery, so I am really trying to listen to my body and rest when it wants me too!

Now on to other things! LOL. When Momma got down here we got started on my craft area re-org...almost everything has been pulled out of my area and is sitting in boxes and bags in my living room. We picked up tons of new storage boxes so hopefully next week, (once school is totally done) we can get back into sorting and re'packing' my supplies! I am itching to get to creating, but can't find anything right yet! LOL

I will take pictures as I get things put together. Sorry for being gone for so long, and will try to update more often. =D

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Daily about Monthly, Maybe!!!

I am such a horrible blogger! It's been a couple weeks since I posted anything and most of what I have been posting has been well...fluff! My husband headed over to the Middle East in the middle of April, I hurt my back, I have been dealing with dr visits, a craft show, a yard sale/bake sale and an impending surgery. Every little thing just seems to run together!!!
The boys and I are doing well...they are very eager for school to let out. (and honestly so am I) My hubby is doing well also although he would MUCH rather be home!!!
My back is fine now! :-) Doctor visits should be ceasing with my surgery next week, well after the follow up! LOL It's nothing major really, just an outpatient procedure to stop my non-stop feminine issue ;-) It's a procedure called an ABLATION and YES to my guy friends out there it's one of those feminine issues! LOL While under anesthesia they are also going to tie my tubes for me! =D I am very happy about all this. My mom is flying in from Ohio on Thursday to take care of me and the boys! I am not really worried about the surgery, but I am very glad to know that she will be here! I miss having my mommy close by!
My craft fair, that I worked feverishly on for almost 3 weeks...was well kind of a bust! It was scheduled from 10-5, but most everyone had packed up and left by 3! The weather was actually rather nice, but the sky was rather threatening, and the wind was pretty gusty! I felt really bad for many of the other artists who had paintings or photography for sale...those things just couldn't stand up to the wind!!! I did ok...I made about $60, which covered my table fee, lunch, and dinner for Saturday and Sunday night. So not bad, although it could have been least I sold something!
This weekend is our Post-Wide Yard Sale...that means the whole military community has their yard sales the same day. It's a HUGE deal...I am by no means ready for it, but I honestly never am! LOL I can think of a ton of stuff already that I just need to pull out, wipe down and price. I also told my boys that we will make goodies together, but they can have a bake sale and 'lemonade' stand. AND whatever money they make they can split between the 3 of them! They are all very excited about that! (heck they might end up making more than I do! LOL) So tomorrow I need to start baking away so there will be tons of goodies for them to sell. We are also gonna do lemonade, sodas and waters. I've gotten some really great deals on those things, so I think it'll go well!
Then next week is my surgery, so I will be out of commision for a couple days. I don't think I'll really need it but my Momma says I am going to relax if she has to lock me in my room! LOL So I guess I better get my TV hooked up, my books ready and my Farmville set! =D

I have tons of new polymer clay items to share with you, but need to get pictures taken. Hopefully over the next few weeks I can do that. Thanks for listen to me ramble! Y'all have a wonderful week!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Meet Cassie!!!

I decided to go ahead and pick up the Barbie Fashion Fever Fashionista, that I originally wanted today. So please meet Cassie! I just LOVE her brown hair with pink highlights!!!! If I were 10 years younger, I'd probably do something just like this to my own hair! ;-)(Her hair is a bit of a mess, so I am going to research styling ther hair and she'll get a new 'do sometime soon!)

Her outfit is cute, still a tad short, but atleast her's is a skort! LOL I like her belt but it's just WAAAAAAY to plastic looking, so I am planning on remaking it for her out of cording, and real chain. Like Bren her shoes looked ridiculous, so she got to choose a pair from the set I ordered for Bren. I must say I LOVE the boots with her outfit! She will get a manicure too, and eventually new lipstick as her lips are much like Bren's were although not quite as bad. BUT I need to pick up some pure acetone before I attempt THAT again! LOL

This morning I took the boys to see How to Train Your Dragon That is an adorable movie!!! We all had a wonderful time. Then we headed off to do some shopping. (I must say I realizeed quite vividly WHY I prefer shopping alone!!! LOL)We headed out to Walmart for some potting soil and plants. Those will hopefully get into the ground tomorrow! I also got a bit of fabric that was half price (not advertised, but half price!!! Mom and I will definitely be headed back there after she gets here!) I also picked up Cassie, and found several small glass vases and cute little buckets for my Mother's Day rose bouquets! I found other various odds and ends for my work area as well as my mini's! I brought the boys home to watch their new movies and headed off to Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Target. I picked up a rose leaf punch and a 5-petal flower, for my roses. the 5-petal one will become my calyxes. (although they are going to requires more hand cutting of them than I had hoped, but atleast I am not cutting every single one by hand!!! I will head back on Monday to get the casting resin for 'water' I also picked up my bags and tissue paper for the show this next weekend. I got several storage items and a couple colors of Studio by Sculpey that I didn't have. (and was on clearance!) I also picked up several pieces of fabric on clearance for 1/6th scale clothes as well as 1/12th scale furniture! While I Wal-mart and Target, I was distressed at the price for Barbie clothes!!!! $3.99 for a single dress!!! Hobby Lobby had their Simplicity patterns for 99 cents, so I bought all 4 fashion doll patterns they had! So in the coming months watch for clothes to be showing up!

Ok well I'm gonna leave you hanging here, cause honestly my brain just flipped off and I have no idea what else to write! LOL So I guess it's time to go read what y'all have been doing today and then head to bed! Hugs!!! ;-)