Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Geesh, and I was doing so well...

I was doing really good blogging almost everyday there for a while. But I am so gosh darned easily distracted!  (case in point I got distracted by the desire to redress a pair of my Monster High gals as I put fingers to keys to write this! o_o)  It seems in most everything I do, as long as I can make myself do something every day, be it blogging, exercising, or heck laundry...I am good and can maintain that.  But once I slip and miss a day, I'm screwed. :-(  Throw into that mix crappy weather and sick kiddos and well it's a recipe for disaster.  Once I stop doing something I find it really difficult to get going consistently again.

Now that isn't to say I haven't been doing anything lately, just that I haven't been doing it steadily!  I have been sculpting and sewing and creating away, but the photographing and sharing part, yeah that's suffered.  I recently decided that my blog as well as my shop needed an update to get it more along the fun yet classy line I wanted.  I commissioned a fellow Army wife (who also happens to be a graphics genius!!!) to create my new 'brand'!  I had hoped to have a big to-do relaunch of my shop on the 1st of June, but due to my own, well, laziness that has yet to happen.  This weekend though!!! =D

However, if you'd like to visit my shop, D-Lightful Designs, feel free.  There you will find most of the new polymer clay foods items I've made, and you can check out my new graphics!