Sunday, January 24, 2016

BJD Lounge Pants Pattern

Hi Friends!

Been over a year!  I won't bore you with the details, or make promises that I most likely won't be able to keep. lol  If you haven't unsubscribed, Thanks! 

Eventually I do plan to get back into more regular blogging, although I doubt I'll do it daily.  But in the meantime I will pop over here to post patterns and such that go with Youtube video tutorials I have been making.

This first set of patterns is to make Lounge Pants or Pajama Bottoms in 3 sizes: Tiny (fits a Pukifee doll), Medium (fits 16" female fashion dolls and Slim MSD BJDs) and Large (fits 17" Tonner Male dolls and Evangeline Ghastly)
The patterns are designed to print out on a single sheet of regular 8.5" x11" printer paper.  As long as the 1" square in the center of each sheet prints out properly, then your patterns are correct.