Sunday, July 28, 2013


I've been busy the last couple weeks finishing up some orders for 1:4 scale t-shirts and 1:6th scale foods. Got several more orders during the week as well, so I'm painting Monster High shoes, making Barbie sized pancake platters and sculpting a dragon!

I used to sculpt dragons quite a bit, everything from large ones about 8 inches long to miniatures ones only about 2-3 inches long. But as I got into doing doll scale miniatures the dragons fell by the wayside. This one is a commission from a friend who wanted a mate for the one her husband commissioned me to do last year.  She is almost finished, I just have to sculpt her front 'arms', her ears and give her some personality. Then she'll get a trip to the dragon sauna, a bit more personalization and finally her wings. 
 Here she is so far... Although I don't think Minion is too impressed with her current state! I think I'm going to pose her arms so they are either holding some gems and treasures or perched on her 'hips'. I haven't quite decided that yet. (Hence the reason she has no arms yet! LOL)

Can I just say that I adore these little Minions from Despicable Me & Despicable Me 2!  We loved the first movie and cannot wait for the 2nd to come out on DVD. (Makes me almost willing to pay the ridiculous prices to take the boys to see it in the theater...almost!)

I also took my lovely BJD Lena outside for a bit of a photoshoot.  I just love this girl.  She has a great figure, a gorgeous face and she poses like a dream!

Here she is just soaking in a bit of sun and warmth yesterday.  After a week or so of scorching temps in was nice to have a warm day without it being super hot.  Today we have rain and grey skies. o_O Boo... oh well the rain is good for the garden! *shrugs

Lena found this great big boulder in the yard and promptly explained that it would be perfect for sunbathing in the bikini I'm going to sew her... Hmmm I don't recall telling her I would sew her a bikini!

I am quickly learning that resin dolls have a life of their own and don't always like to play by the 'rules' we think they should. lol

I had envisioned Lena as being shy, quiet and calm...well while she CAN be all those things she is definitely a bit of wild child!  And you know what, I think I'm perfectly happy with that! :-)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'm a bad blogger

Really, as if you hadn't noticed but I am a horrible blogger, heck I have a hard time updating my facebook status with things more relevant than silly game requests. BUT I love reading other people's statuses and their blogs.  I've been meaning to update my blog for ages, but just never felt the true drive to do just that.  To be honest I don't really have the drive today, but here I am anyways. *shrugs*

The last few months have been filled with so many different things.  As my last post showed our oldest son left for Basic Training... well, the Army turned out not to be for him.  He came back home for about a month, but has since moved to Oklahoma to live with his birth-mother.  He is reuniting with more of his birth-family as well as another younger brother.  Today is his 19th birthday and I wish him all the best as he takes another step forward in living his own life.

My last post also introduced you to my first 16 inch 1:4 scale doll.  Since that posting, I have acquired 3 more!!! And that includes my lovely Fairyland Minifee (who started it all! lol) So I guess I better introduce you to the gang! =D

Here is Abbie (Plaid to Meet You- Ellowyne Wilde) meeting Lena (Fairyland Minifee Rheia) for the first time.  Lena arrive in June,  the day after my birthday.  In addition to her arriving, she was hand delivered by my friend Ban Sidhe, the very talented artist who did her lovely face paint.

At that point I didn't have any wigs for her and I hadn't settled on her correct eye color. (Although I totally love her in these striking aqua 'contacts'!)

I set up a little Meet- n-Greet scene on my desk. I realized that the Barbie Prince poodle I have was the perfect size to work for these girls as well.  So Prince now belongs to Lena.  You can see more of the girls first meeting on my Flickr.
 My next purchase was another 16" girl, this time from the Delilah Noir line.  This is Lily (It's 10 O'clock Delilah Noir)  I loved that she came in a set of cute PJs, but she also had a 2nd outfit, (supposedly she has an alter ego who sings in a goth/punk band) So I bought her as she was a very good value for my money. However when she arrived there was some damage to her wrist.  I contacted the store I purchased her from and they offered to replace her or the offered me her retail price in store credit. (I took that option! =D)

The above pic shows a bit of the little bedroom diorama I set up for the girls... with an invader! My cat Lightning decided that bed was the perfect size for her!  And nope, I didn't post Lily there afterwards, Lightning walked around her to curl up on the bed!

Next we have a pic with Lena and Lily... Lena finally got a wig in and we really like it!  Lena was trying to convince Lily to get dressed and go shopping. Needless to say Lena went shopping alone that day! LOL

Lena is wearing a t-shirt I sewed for her. (I just finished 2 orders for them, that totaled almost 20 shirts!!!)  Lena's shirt has a custom design on it too! I also made the book in Lena's bag.  I hope to start adding shirts, books and other 1:4 scale clothes and accessories to my shop soon!

 Last but not least is Nance... Nance is a fiery redhead! =D  Nance is originally Steampunk Delilah Noir.  This is the doll that I used my store credit on!   In this picture she has been redressed into a more casual outfit I made.  The olive green boat-neck 3/4 sleeve tee shirt and a lovely tropical floral print shirt.  THe skirt is actually reversible! And has a pretty soft polka dot print on it!  Nance is my favorite of the 2 Delilah Noir dolls.  In this picture, Nance is showing off some lovely bottles I seashells that will also be coming in my shop soon!

Sadly it seems this is the only shot I took of Nance's stock outfit before I redressed her!  I'll have to put her back into it and take some better pics as it truly is a gorgeous outfit!  It's a lush deep bronze-y color with loads of black lace. It has definite Victorian influences, but I think the Victorians would have been scandalized to see so much leg! lol

Abbie is kind of my unofficial Welcoming Committee it would seem! She loved to meet each girl and make sure they got to know the lay of the land so to speak!  Here she is wearing a fun halter style mini-dress and co-ordinating floral headband, both of which I made. The boots came from a Delilah Noir accessory pack I purchased.

I've been very busy with loads of commissions for polymer clay foods, accessories as well as sewing lots of clothes.  I'll try to update a little more about those in the near future! :-)