Friday, January 30, 2009


Friday, friday! Hope everyone is having a good Friday. I'm doing pretty good myself...feeling a little woozy, (so please excuse any typos! ;-) ) I was bad and forgot to eat today! Yikes, now before any one starts yelling, I have eaten dinner and am starting to feel better. But B and I went out shopping today, and aside from a few samples at Sam's Club and a bag of Giant Chewy Nerds I forgot to eat! I get like that sometimes when I get busy. So by the time I got back from grocery shopping (6:45) I was pretty dizzy. Hubby yelled at me! (not really, but he was worried, and made sure I ate as soon as the groceries got put away! ) I love him, he's so sweet. :-) But other than that today went well, my cupboards, fridge and freezer are nice and full again, and I did pretty good with my budget too. Tomorrow I'll spend the day catching up on laundry, my oh so favorite chore! NOT!!! And working with my clay, now there is a fun way to spend the day. I am going to make some smaller scale 'chocolates' and plan on making them into beads. I think I will even string them into some jewelry. I am also gonna try to put together a heart shaped box filled with them too. I'm thinking Valentine's day. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, until tomorrow!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello Again

I thought I'd add a little update to my day. Yep I managed to stay out of the camera's eye...mostly. Our local tv station interviewed me about how the various units all come together when 1 group comes home. I have no idea how it looked as I don't actually get that channel! lol

I didn't get any claying done tonight either as our middle sons' school had Astromony Night tonight. So the youngest and oldest stayed home with Dad while H. and I went over to the school. It was really neat. Thankfully the sky was cloudless, so we were treated to a fantastic showing. We saw the craters on the moon, Venus; who shines super bright, and the Orion Nebula through their high powered telescopes!!! We also had a chance to find Orion the Hunter, his dog Cirius, and his target Taurus the Bull. The woman from the observatory also pointed out Gemini, Beetlejuice, Pleidaes (the 7 sisters which looks like a tiny Little Dipper) and Bellatrix. (yep just like the character from Harry Potter!) H had a wonderful time searching the sky. I must admit I did too. I am contemplating getting the family a decent telescope. I think that it would be a great way to spend some quality time together. And we are lucky that even thought we live close to the city, we tend to still have very little light interference! I'll have to talk to the hubby about that one though. Maybe for Christmas next year.

Well I think for now I am off to go play games on Yes I am completely and totally addicted to this site. (Thanks Mug! lol) And most nights I can be found playing there. so for tonight...Goodnight, stay warm and peaceful dreams!

Thursday at last.

Ah Thursday, the week is almost done. ALmost time for another weekend. Not sure where this week went. I had planned on doing so much more than I actually did this week. The weather sure didn't help any. Thankfully today is a bright clear sunny day. Still I slept kinda late, well actually that isn't true I lounged in bed and read a book. (Master of Dragons by Angela Knight...she is a fantastic paranormal romance writer) But I should've been doing any number of other things, but darn if reading sounded so much more appealing than vacuuming! lol

Well I'm off here shortly to go help put together goodie bags for returning soldiers. The littlest one is staying home with the oldest, who is home sick from school. (can't help wondering if he had a test today. lol I can so remember doing that as a teenager myself. LOL But since he hardly ever asks to stay home I indulge him. ;-) ) So I'm off for a little while to do some work and try and stay out of the camera's eye. The local media comes in and covers activities like these surrounding Troop Homecomings.

I'm hoping to get to claying some more this evening. So hopefully tomorrow I'll have some new pictures for you. oooh just remembered I need to put the pot roast in the crock pot. That would've been bad! LOL Thanks again for popping in and reading my little blog. Talk with y'all later.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ah Wednesday

Hello again folks. Today has been a grey and rainy day. I have a hard time getting motivated to do much of anything on grey days like today. I definitely love the sunshine.

I had to go out and run some errands, picking up some items for some returning soldiers goodie bags. Came home and took some pictures of my latest polymer clay pieces. I made several 'bitten chocolate' pieces as well as a couple Big Devils holding large conversation hearts. These are currently blank, but I will write on them with a custom message for the buyer. I also made a large frog that carries a sign which will eventually read "I TOAD-ally love you!" on it.
So I'm off to check on my pizza dough in my bread machine, and then gotta start the toppings. Y'all stay warm out there.

PS Hey look I figured out the pictures!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hi everyone. I'm Deborah and am completely new to the art of blogging. :-) So be patient with me while I get the hang of things.

So let's see, how about a little about me? I'm 31, and happily married to the man of my dreams. It'll be 10 years for us this November. We have 3 sons. (14, 7, and 4) My husband has 14 years in the Army, with the last 6 being spent in Southern Georgia. We both love it down here and will most likely retire and settle in this area.

When I am not doing family things, I can most likely be found crafting, reading or playing online. I love to craft and have dabbled in dozens of different crafts. Everything from counted cross-stitch, sewing and crochet, to scrapbooking, painting and beaded jewelry. My current passion is polymer clay!

I started working with polymer clay about a year and a half ago. I bought some clay intending to make beads and pendants to add to my beaded jewelry work. I needed a quick gift for someone and decided to throw together a little bunny. (atleast I think it was a bunny, lol) So after searching the net and finding a tutorial I sculpted the little guy...and no surprise had a blast doing it! Actually I had way more fun making that little bunny than I did with any of the other beads I had made, soooo I went out and bought; over the course of a year, just about every book on polymer clay out there. I have books from Donna Kato ( ), Maureen Carlson ( ), Christie Friesen ( )Lisa Pavelka ( ) , and Judy Belcher ( ) just to name a few!

I have been inspired by all of these amazing artists, as well as the dozens of people I have met through various yahoo groups I belong to. The thing I love most about the polymer clay community, is the fact that the masters are so wonderfully open and willing to share their techniques, tips and trade secrets. I have yet to come across an artist that wasn't willing to answer a question about how they did something. I think I have finally found the craft medium that I can stick with for a long time! :-)

About 6 months about I opened a webstore on ( ) I was so excited, as within an hour I recieved my first sale, and on top of that it was a custom order going to PORTUGAL!!!! Talk about exciting! Over the past few months I have sold several pieces online, many heading overseas, as well as quite a few pieces here locally. I have so much fun working with my clay that most days it doesn't even feel like work at all. I have done several more commisioned pieces, with rave reviews. I really enjoy creating something special for someone. I try to make my pieces one of a kind even if I am doing several of the same style pieces. That way even if two people buy or recieve the same figure, each one is unique.

Wow I've rambled on for quite a bit now, so I guess I should call it quits before I bore y'all to tears! So Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope you will check in to see what's new.
Thanks and Happy Tuesday!