Thursday, May 29, 2014


Hey Y'all, it's Lena!  Abbie and I are here to give you a heads up on some cool news!  Our friends Raine and Zoey, plus their mom April over at April's Sea of Dollie Sweetness have decided to become penpals! Raine and I have chatted via email several times already, but after the 6 of us got to meet in person a few weeks ago, we thought it'd be fun to post our chats in our blogs!  (Mom says maybe THIS will get her blogging again!)

If you click the link above it will take you to their blog to read the first messages.

Oh and the other big news... We might be moving!!!  And soon too!  Mom and Dad went to Ohio last weekend to look at a couple of houses and totally fell in love with one!  If all goes well we will be making the big move from New York to Ohio by August!!! :-)  (Mom said she will try and post about that tomorrow!

Ok, I'm gonna pass the computer over to Abbie so she can send her message to Zoey!

Hi Zoey, it's Abbie!

Good to hear from you, I had an awesome time getting to see you and your sister a couple weeks ago too! I can't believe we are moving so soon either!  I mean I knew a move was coming, but it wasn't supposed to happen until the end of the year!  But c'est la vie.  It's all good.  Mom says that while we probably won't get a big doll room/craft studio yet, she WILL be making us our own rooms! YAY!!  Not that I mind sharing with Lena and Nance, but it'd be nice to have a place all to myself!

I can't wait to get to explore Ohio, Mom grew up there and says that there should be lots of places to see and neat things to do!  The town we are moving to has a water resevoir and there is a BALD EAGLE that lives there too!  How cool is that!

I'm so glad you liked all the tees that your mom bought for you and Raine... heck there were a couple I wanted to steal for myself!  Sorry Raine is hogging all the good stuff!  Sometimes I feel like Lena gets the good stuff here too, but I try not to complain too loudly especially since I can always rub it in her face that I was here first!  lol  Well I better run, as I know Lena wants to message your sister and then Mom needs the computer back to get back to work.


Hi Raine!  HUGSIES!!! :-)

Life has been pretty good here, kinda crazy with all this moving stuff going on.  I know Mom is going kinda nuts trying to finish up her outstanding orders so she can start packing.  Packing and moving!!!  How crazy is that?  I feel like I just got here and now we are leaving!  I'm bummed that we only got to meet once *which was AWESOME, BTW*  But I am hoping we can get together at least once more before we move.  I would LOVE to try and get to one of the doll meets you go to. That sounds like so much fun!

Sorry to hear that Zoey is being a pain and trying to steal all the good clothes!  I don't have any sisters (or brothers for that matter) but sometimes Abbie and I butt heads, but I love her like a sister so we always make up in the end!

I am so glad you liked the Fluttershy shirt!  I picked out the color for that one! :-)    Did you notice I'm wearing the hot pink shirt I got from YOU! :-)  I love the color and it's super comfy too. Oh and I am glad you liked the seashell jar, I have a matching one on my bedside table too! We're kinda like twinsies! *giggles*

Ok, well I better get going, Mom says she needs her computer back!  Talk to you soon!