Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Wednesday in 2009 (sense a theme this week? lol)

Hi y'all!!! Hope your week has been going well. Mine has been busy with chores and rest for the wicked! lol
Orah decided to start 2010 off right a bit early. She decided that her grudge against Giselle and her pretty party hair was rather petty. (Not to mention Giselle just looks so sad. It seems her escort for the Elven ball decided that since she was only half elf, that she wasn't suitable! The cad!!!) So Orah invited Giselle over for some coffee and yummy chocolate frosted lemon cake. (What girl wouldn't be cheered up with chocolate!) So Orah asked me to please finish up her table. We decided to bring in a couple of the white iron chairs since her matching chairs aren't finished just yet.
I stained and painted Orah's Table and console table for her. I painted a hutch a while ago with a great sage-y green. I decided to stain the tops of her new tables in a light cherry color using a product I bought for scrapbooking several years ago. It's an ink called Walnut ink. This particular brand comes pre-mixed in dauber-style bottles. Ebay has several different colors, I used the one called Rust. I am thinking that some of these colors have been discontinued as they seem to be really hard to find. I only found 2 pages of 'google' hits for FiberScraps E-Z Walnut Ink Tintz. There are some new colors out but the Rust seems to be missing. I also have the regular walnut ink, which dyes wood a dark almost grey-ish brown. The Dusk, which is a purple-ish, and the Verdigris which is a green. I haven't used either of these yet, but think they will be great too. I am thinking about picking up the Moss, Rose and Tea Stain colors too. I think I saw a smoke somewhere online too that would be great for aged, weathered wood!
So anyways, back to the tables! LOL I gave them each several light coats of color, the edges got a couple light coats too. For those areas I 'smooged' the dauber of the ink onto a lid to get some of the ink out. I 'smooged' to hard and ended up with a bit of a puddle, but at 2oz per bottle this stuff'll last me a while!!! I used a brush to apply the 'stain' to the edges and undersides of the table tops. After they were dry I painted the bases in my sage-y green. I want to add a set of matching chairs, but am unsure if I want to stain them fully, paint them fully or do a combination of the 2. I welcome your suggestions!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Last Monday of 2009

Can you believe that today was the last Monday of the year??? It's kinda wild. I apologize for not posting before or after Christmas...been a little hectic this week with a whole lot of nothing. We had a wonderful Christmas here, my boys had tons of presents under the tree, and had a blast opening them all! I bought my hubby a new dress shirt, a gaming keyboard, a couple of video games, (I love gamestop for USED games! =D)and a remote control helicopter that goes up to 30 miles an hour!!!
Me...I got a new set of Paula Deen cookware,(yippee, they cook so wonderfully!!!)a pair of silky dress shirts one in teal and the other in gunmetal gray, and 6 new miniature making books!
I got:
--Both of Angie Scarr's food books. (and man they look awesome! I can't wait to try out her methods!
--EJ Tangerman's Build Your Own Dollhouse from a 4x8 sheet of plywood This one look awesome! It builds a basic Orchid-like house, but I can see how it will be useful for construction other houses too!
--Sheila Smith's Making 1/12 scale Wicker Furniture. Gorgeous stuff in this one!
--Freida Gray's Dolls' House Furniture, and Making Miniature Gardens. OMG I am so excited about these two!!!

I plan on reviewing these books over the next year. (hmmm that might be a fun weekly segment...Book Reviews...both miniature and polymer clay...what do you think???)

Yesterday I started making a little footstool using a soda bottle top. Ala Casey over at Casey's Minis. Casey's footstool. I could have sworn she used a soda bottle lid, but this tutorial shows a piece of toilet paper roll. (got tons of those too. I see more ottomans in the future!) They are so much fun to make. I WILL definitely be making more of these little cuties!

I also bought myself a collection of House of Miniature kits from a gal who was selling them. There are 23 of them ranging from a pair of the Chippendale Sofas to the William & Mary Tall Case Clock. 3 pieces came already assembled, a Chippendale Nightstand, the Hepplewhite Round Table and the Hepplewhite Side Table. So I made a quick plain background display sheet and snapped a few pics of Orah enjoying her coffee and a quilting magazine. BTW she has NEW hair! She is so happy with it. She decided that she didn't want anything as fancy as Giselle's But if you check out her first pictures I think we can all agree that this is QUITE an improvement!
Well my dear friends it is late and I need to get hubby into bed...4:30 comes real soon! Hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!

Monday, December 21, 2009

More new friends!!!!

I am sorry for being away from my blog for the last week...nothing exciting in miniature or even clay going on really. Although I have been a very bad friend and NOT welcomed my new friends! I have 4 to share with you. =D
First up is Maija...I apologize as her blog is in a foreign language and I can't find a translator. =( But she does have a gorgeous dollhouse picture on her blog and then a link to another page that shows off more of her handy work. Maija can be found at iidasantu.
Next is Kim from Flowers and Art I 'met' Kim through my 5-star swap that I did earlier this month. She has the most amazing Flower shop in miniature on her blog, as well as a lovely tea-room gift for a friend.
Another new friend is Marlies who is from the Netherlands. Her blog is Marlies and Minis. Marlies makes the most gorgeous filled trunks I have ever seen. Be sure to take a moment to check out her amazing work!
And last but certainly not least are Julia and Hywel. They are a husband and wife duo from Wales. Their blog, Bear Cabin Miniatures shows off the amazing work that they do! The most recent blog posts showcase the Christmas decorations in 2 of their Dollhouses; The Pumpkin House and Victoria Villa. Also be sure to catch the widget on the right of their blog which will take you to their etsy shop! =D
Thanks everyone for being patient with me. I hope to get back to creating and blogging more regularly after Christmas. (There will be some book reviews coming too!!! I'm getting several mini-making books for Christmas ;-D )

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Slow Sunday

Today I awoke to an over-flowing toilet!!! Talk about a rude awakening. Thankfully it's all fixed now, but boy that was a mess. Then I had to go out to the PX (that would be Post Exchange, which is our on-base store.)for a gift wrapping fundraiser. Each company is given 2-3 four hour slots to do gift wrapping. We wrap for donations. The money we raise we then use in our family support groups for fun events for the soldiers and their families. It's been slow this year, not many people getting their gifts wrapped, although those that have, tipped very well. We made around $200 over 3 days for our support group.
Tomorrow is our Christmas party for the families. We are having a 'decoration' party. I bought all kids of fun little decorations for the kids to make. We will also have cookies for them to decorate too. I bought a bunch of candy canes to make reindeer with. So I need to glue pom poms and googly eyes on 48 candy canes tonight! Then tomorrow all the kiddos will need to do is add the antlers.
I think they are soo adorable!
I'm gonna cook up hot dogs and meatball sandwiches and we will have chips and a cake too. I hope the kiddos have a good time.
I hpoe everyone had a good weekend. talk to y'all soon.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

5-Star Swap Goodies

Last month I signed up to participate in Kathi's 5-Star Christmas Swap over at Beautiful Mini Blessings % people plus Kathi signed up to make a Christmas item and share them. So we got 5 truly amazing items in return. I already opened mine, but I know atleast one person is waiting until Christmas to open hers. (So if you are waiting and don't want to see what everyone else sent...STOP READING RIGHT NOW!!!! =D ) Personally I don't have that kind of restraint! LOL

I would share the items I made first, but wouldn't you know I completely forgot to make myself a set, nor did I take any pictures of the ones I sent out!!!! URGH!!! BUT I made tiny 2 inch trees, decorated with tiny seed bead ornaments as bead stars. I also made a sent of bells to hang on the door or wall. Those I thought turned out great. I think, (yeah I know scary, she can't recall, but I was involved in several Christmas themed swaps at the same time! LOL) I think I also sculpted tiny snowmen from polymer clay. I asked Kathi if she'd mind photographing her set and sending me the pics. If she can do that for me I'll share those pics later! LOL

Ok on to the fabulous mini's I received in the mail...
From Kathi (the swap hostess) I received several goodies there is a pretty blue Shaker style basket full of little pine cones, a white poinsettia in a vase, a cool modern beaded spiral 'tree' and a beaded seaside cottage wreath. Kathi also sent a bag full of decorating bits for me to use.
There are 2 pieces of holiday fabric, some snowflake trim, a tiny nutcracker, some star glitter, and some more seaside cottage 'ornaments' (I'm thinking that a Christmas by the Sea theme is in order here! ;-D ) THANK YOU KATHI!!!!

Next is Kim over at Flowers & Art. Kim sent a lovely Christmas card and a letter about her creation. Kim created this fantastic Christmas hutch. Each item in the hutch is loose so they can be rearranged. There is a little wreath and a needlepoint stocking, a little decorated tree, 3 tiny Christmas cards, a pair of gingerbread people, a gingerbread house and a punchbowl full of pretty pink punch! Kim also made a lovely chest to store all her holiday decorations in. I am truly humbled by her talent! THANKS KIM!!!!

Next up is Jaime from A Little Roomer by Jaime. She made the tiniest little Christmas tree under 'glass'! Isn't it adorable!!! THANKS JAIME!!!!

4th point in our little star is Karin from Mini Ramblings & Musings. Karin sent a fabulous decoratedholly wreath and a plate full of holiday goodies! Check out the detail on the orange in the center!!!! I can almost smell the citrus-y goodness! She also made a candy cane, an apple, several different kinds of cookies and some holiday candies...see the green one with the tree in the center! Karin sure is talented. =D THANK YOU KARIN!!!!!

Last but certainly not least is Jill from Little Nest Studio. Jill also made a plate of cookies, but she also added a glass of milk to wash it all down, a carrot for Rudolph and teensy-tiny letter to Santa. It is situated on a red placemat with green stitching. Jill also folded a great little 'match-box' style box from holiday paper to store her place setting in. I just love the little note, I think it's my favorite part of the piece. THANK YOU JILL!!!!!

It was so much fun creating some fun holiday decorations...I hope these 5 ladies enjoyed the items I made as much as I am enjoying the ones they made! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

And the Winner is.....

Kathi from over at Beautiful Mini Blessings! Congrats Kathi. I had 6 ladies comment, since I announced my little give-away. I numbered each one in the order they commented, then rolled a dice! Kathi if you would email me off-blog, we will discuss your prize! =D
Thank you to everyone who commented as well as everyone who joined to follow my little blog.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

More New Friends!!!

Yippee...I love new pals! Today I'd like to introduce Karen and Tamra. Karen is an Aussie, how loves making jewelry. She has just started her blog. It's called Creative Thoughts and Inspirations. She also works with polymer clay. (Karen I didn't see a link to your shop...let me know if there is one and I'll share it! =D)
My next new friend is Tamra...Tamra has several blogs; With Our Hands is her Artfire blog and Front Porch Reviews is her product review and giveaway blog. She showcases some really fabulous products!

I do hope you will stop by and visit these great ladies.

PS Don't forget about my own giveaway! Just post a comment saying Hi!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another post????

Yep, I figure the other one was getting kind of long! LOL
This is a custom ornament I made yesterday. It's a small mouth bass. I still need to add the hanger to it, but I am super happy with it! It's about 5 1/2 inches long from nose to the tip of its tail fin.

Geez is it Wednesday Already???

Can you believe that it's December already?!?!?!? Where on Earth did 2009 go? I personally have no idea. I am having a hard time with the fact that another year is drawing to a close. *sigh* Time just flies these days whether you are having fun or not.
I haven't done too much crafting since before Thanksgiving. I participated in a couple of swaps and mailed them off. I am looking forward to seeing the wonderful things that will be coming back to me. =D
I had planned on starting my Mom's dollhouse the day after Thanksgiving. Well I was too pooped to move! LOL I was gonna start it on Monday, well wouldn't you know I hurt my back, somehow...I am thinking that hubby is gonna make me go to the ER's been 3 days now and it really isn't any better. In fact it feels a bit worse today. Standing hurts, sitting hurts, twisting or bending hurts. =( I've been having him put bengay on it the last 2 night. It helps me sleep, but by morning I'm sore again. He is thinking I might have a slipped disc as there aren't any knots in my back that would suggest a pulled muscle. *sigh* Man I hate going to the doctors! grrrrr. It's the section of my back just above my hip area. Nope didn't fall, don't recall doing anything that would cause this.
So I ordered Pizza in the event we do head to the ER...and I'm just kinda hanging out waiting for hubby to get home.
oooh BTW speaking of my hubby...he is so wonderful! =D They got new furniture for the office...he got permission to bring home a computer chair for me!!! And boy oh boy is it wonderful! It's so nice to be able to sit in a comfy chair, and it's got wheels too, so I can roll around. Wheee!!!
Hope everyone's week has been going well!