Wednesday, October 27, 2010

hey look at me

I'm blogging AGAIN today! LOL

Thanks to all my friends who shared congrats on my working out. I am so happy that I am doing this. I feel great (granted it definitely tires me out, but even that hasn't been too bad since our internet has been acting up lately as well, so when I head to bed early cause I'm too tired I know I'm not really missing any emails from my hubby. His internet has been acting up too)

Today was another awesome workout: I did a mile and a half on the treadmill then we worked our abs. Then a few hours later I joined my middle son at school for his mile run in PE. I am happy to say that I walked about 3/4 and even ran/jogged a lap with him! (It hurt like heck, and left me horribly out of breath. But it motivated him and he finished his mile in 14.36 minutes! Pretty good for a 9yr old who half walked and half ran! =D)
Tomorrow the girls and I have decided we need to change things up a bit, so we are hitting the pool to swim laps, then next week we are gonna start adding some outdoor hiking to you 'routine'! I'm very excited about this as I love both swimming and hiking. Oooh that reminds me...I need to take in the straps on my swimsuit. The girls are hangin' out just a tad! LOL

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Got lost somewhere along the way.

One of these days I will get back to daily where have I been the last 3 around. I had a craft show on the 16th & 17th (which did very well for me actually) so I spent the week leading up to it trying to gets stuff finished. Then in the midst of that week, my laptop started acting funny. Turns out the video card was starting to go!!! That was NOT cool, so $300 later it's off to the computer hospital to get fixed. Hopefully it'll be back in the next few days. I really miss MY laptop. While I am grateful for the use of my sister's desktop and my husbands old laptop; neither one is MY laptop and it's driving me nuts. I have made several new items but don't want to upload pics into a computer that's not mine, so I am holding off for now.
At my craft show I sold off all the remaining barbie outfits and several of the cakes and desserts. I have another show on the 6th, so I am already planning more. I also created a couple of monogram ornaments that I am hoping to sell as custom order pieces. They are simple but I think really lovely. I am also trying to find a decently priced chocolate scented fragrance oil. Last month I did a few pieces of Barbie desserts that were scented like cinnamon spice cakes. I'd LOVE to do some chocolate items too!
Um let's see what else...I've been reading up a storm...I think I've read atleast 15 books in the last 2 monthes. I'll try to review them at a later date.

Oooh I've also been working out Monday through Thursday for the last 2 weeks. Today was actually day 2 of week 3! I feel great and have actually already lost about 2 pounds! =D I feel really great after my workouts and am actually enjoying them too. (for the most part! ;-D)

My latest project to play with has been turning the bottle brush trees sold for Christmas displays into more realistic trees using lycopodium or Princess Pine. It took me about 7 hours, but I completely a 2 inch tree, and 8 inch tree and have a 5.5 inch tree 3 quarters of the way ocmpleted. It's a tedious, time-consuming and messy process, but they trees lok so amazing when they are finished! I promise to post pics as soon as my laptop comes home!

Thanks for reading along with where I disappeared to and what I've been doing! Until next time!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

busy busy busy

ok so it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post...yeah the one about my goals...sadly I didn't keep up with them past the first couple days. The last 2 weeks have been kinda crazy, lots going on mentally and physically. I'm fine just got into a little funk. But I am feeling much better and am ready to spend the next couple days going crazy in my 'studio'. Well starting tomorrow night anyways. Today is my youngest sons 6th birthday. I just don't know where the time has gone! My sister will be coming over in a little while and we'll be heading out for pizza. B-man's favorite food! Then it's home for cake, ice cream and presents!!! This month is his month for a 'day out with mom'. So we are heading out for some fun tomorrow.
Although I have not kept up with my goals, I am ready to start's a new month and it'll be a new week. I am going to be joining another mom at the gym every morning starting Tuesday. I seem to do better at keeping on things if I feel accountable to someone else. I know that's weird, but she's a great gal and since we see each other every day after school there can be no excuses. I did get another little exciting kick in the pants last week...I needed a new pair of jeans, and not only did I find them on sale, BUT the best looking style were SKINNY jeans AND they are a size smaller than I normally wear!!!! =D So color me motivated and now I have a plan too!!!
As for my other goals...well those are going a little slower, I am creating and I have listed several pieces on etsy as well. But with being in a funk for a while there, well it slowed things way down. But I have decided not to stress over things and just enjoy the process. As my husband wisely reminded me...I got into clay (and subsequently miniatures) as a FUN hobby! When it starts not being FUN, it turns into work and that's not what I want. So it's time to get back into having FUN! =D