Friday, August 12, 2011

MOTW...sort of

Well as I sat down to paint my nail, I realized I had totally forgotten to take a picture of the mani I just removed!!! Argh, so please excuse the fact that I only have one nail painted! But this is what I was wearing on all 10 digits until about 2 hours ago!

I started off with 2 coats of Barielle's Snow Day. They call it an ice blue metallic with silver undertones. I call it real pretty. After this I used 2 coats of Maybelline's Blue Brilliance. BB on its own is really sheer but it is a lovely color that tends to shimmer with pinks, purples and greens depending on the light. It kind of disappearred over SD, but I swiped it diagonally on my nails. (it's on the portion below the black dots.) Ok so I guess my next step was pretty obvious but I added black dots in acrylic paint. After that dried completely I added 2 coats of Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat.

On a crafty note I have been attempting to sculpt little polymer clay guinea pigs for Barbies. It's not perfect, but I'm pretty happy with my first one! =D

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Well I had planned to share this one with you yesterday but Blogger didn't want to co-operate. Soo here is yesterday's mani. I had a bit of a love-hate relationship with this one. The end result turned out gorgeous, but getting there was a royal pain. Color 13 on my wheel is by Piggy Polish, it's called Teal me About it. In the bottle its a luscious glowly teal. Sadly this color is DEFINITELY a layering polish. It took me 5 coats on my sample wheel to get it to look halfway close to the bottle. :-( (and once you throw the pink of the nailbed, well you're screwed! So I chose another of my e.l.f. polish from the other day. This one is called Blue Mist. Like it's Lilac sister, Blue Mist went on very sheer and rather streaky. It took me 3 coats to get a nice covereage, although had I not been putting TMAI over top of it, I would have gone with a 4th coat. I added 3 coats of TMAI and then did a thin strip of Petites Figi. Figi is a much darker and more opaque verion of TMAI. In the end I did love the final results as with Blue Mist underneath the TMAI really glowed, and there really appeared to be a ton of depth to my mani. Sadly the downside to lots of layers of polish is they do then to peel rather quickly. So this glowy mani only lasted 2 days. :-(

Monday, August 8, 2011


OK so next in line for my 1st nail wheel is #7 Milani Totally Cool. I wore it back in early June. Number 8 is a deep purple from Goldie that doesn't have a name. I thought I wore it already so I skipped it. BUT as you can see in my sample wheel pic it's so dark it's nearly black! Following that is b. Lilas Optique. This is another one I already wore also in June. This really is a neat polish as it looks totally different by itself!
This brings me to my mani today. Number 10 on my wheel is by Barielle it's called Jess' Champagne Toast (I don't quite get the name as to me I think of cream or amber when I think of Champagne, but that's neither here nore there. lol) I lucked out and foudn this color at my local Ulta comsmetics store on clearance, but it is available on the Barielle website! =D
JCT is a blue leaning lilac with a pink glitter. It dries kind of gritty so I decided not to do full coverage on this one. Saturday while out shopping for kids school supplies I stopped into Biglots and found a 5 pack of e.l.f. brand nailpolishes for $4.50.
While I don't really need any more polish, I loved the colors in these and it fell well under my $3 a bottle price cap. So into my cart they went. I laid down 3 thin coats of the Lilac shade. (Sadly these are out of stock on their website as they say they are reformulating them) I decided to matte all but my ring fingers before sponging on the JCT. On my ring fingers I added a white outline sticker of a hibiscus flower before topping off with a clear coat.
That's it for me for nails and that ends the purple reign (heeheehee) from wheel A, up next are some gorgeous teal-y greens! =D Later friends!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

MOTW and a New Pet

Ok so today's mani is the next 3 colors in wheel A. I first laid down a base coat of Mystical by Petites, then I free-handed a diagonal triangle of Purple Pizazz Frost by NYC, and lastly I added another triangle going the opposite direction using my paler version of Lavender Marquise. I added a small lilac acrylic gem into the wet clear coat, and toppped it off with 2 more coats of clear. It's a fun mani because PPF and LM both change color slightly depending on the light. I initally thought afterwards that I should have placed the gems in the little overlapping triangle at the tips, but I think that would have driven me nuts. Feeling the bump of the rhinestone is odd, but not too terribly bad. I really wasn't expecting the rhinestones to stay on, but they are hanging on nicely.

Every now and again I peruse ebay looking for Barbie 'stuff'. The other day I was searching out animals and found a listing for a dog I had as a little girl. AND they were offering free shipping! Sweet. So needless to say I bid and won Beauty the Afghan Hound! Sadly she is in kind of rough shape, but her body (under all the fur) seems to be in good condition) So I think I will skin her and try to replicate her plastic pieces so I can maybe possible make as sell these. I am currently researching color variations for this breed as well as fake fur sources.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

MOTW and more Barbie goodies

Hey y'all, sorry it's been a few days, been busy getting my kiddos ready for Back-to-School. My oldest started his Junior year of high school on Thursday and my younger 2 start 1st and 5th grade today. Yes our kids go back really early here! lol After having them home for a few monthes, it seemed strange for the house to be silent all day. I'll admit I slept for most of the day. I haven't been sleeping well for the last few weeks with my hubby being away at school so I guess I was catching up.

First off my MOTW (which I actually just took off today) was using the next 2 polishes in my first nail wheel. They are both by Sally Hansen. Royal Romance #2 and Lavendar Marquise #3. I started out with 3 coats of Lavendar Marquise which is a sheer pale pink leaning Lavendar. (the weird thing about this polish is there seems to be 2 variations of this color and I managed to get them both! One is distinctly pink while the other is more pearly with just a hint of pink (#4 in the wheel pic) even using 3 coats of each!) I had initally planned to do a french mani with the darker Royal Romance as my tip color. I tried using the curved tip guides and just couldn't get them centered right. So I decided to just sponge over it. While the edge of the tips still showed only up close, so I was really happy with my sponged gradient mani!)

Up next is a few Barbie items. I really should be cleaning and packing and all that good stuff, but I think I'm kind of in denial about this whole moving thing! :-( So I have been playing with clay!
I started out making a peach slice cane. I got the idea while eating my breakfast peach the other day. It took me some foodling and messing about to get the right colors for the peach flesh as well as doing a skinner blend to get the inner red shading you find in a fresh peach. I think I did this cane atleast 3 times before ending up with a color combo I was happy with! I ended up making it a round cane for ease of reducing, but simple cut each slice in half at the red center before gently shaping. I think they look pretty darned good! I spent several hours on Flickr searching for peach desserts looking for the best ways to use my slices. I'm happy to say I found several and look forward to making some yummy desserts eventually!