Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Teddys and Snowfolk

I have several pieces to show off but will probably take a few posts to do it. Here are a couple of little Polar Bears and snowfolk I have made in various sizes. The littlest one (with the green earmuffs and stripey scarf) is about 3/4 of an inch tall. The tallest one (Polar bear with brown teddy ornament) is 1.25 inchs tall. The Red Beret Snowgal sits about the same. =D I got my wire pieces coated in their clear layer and will photograph them tomorrow (in my new atbletop photo studio! =D)
I have also been working on a Halloween Hutch, (not sure if I can share it yet it's for a contest...gotta go check the 'rules') and a fireplace for a gift bag scene.
The fireplace is almost finished, the 'hearth' is drying right now. So that too will get photographed tomorrow.
Grr ok here is the link to my flickr Blogger doesn't want to let me upload pics right now. So you can see some of these things as well as some others I hadn't mentioned. =D

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finally some new goodies to share

I have been making little things here and there over the last week...Still not 100% after this cold...but feeling much better.
Today I decided to play with some wire. I made a base layer of clay, shaped the different with bits and pressed them lightly into the clay. After I finished the design I filled in with Pearl Ex and Perfect Pearl powders. These still need baked yet plus a layer of resin. My camera did not capture the true luster of the colors, but my new table top photo studio should be here this weekend...so hopefully better pics coming shortly!
The Yellow Ribbon and the Patriotic Heart will be pins, and the Rose will be a magnet. I have been scouring stained glass patterns all day for ideas. I want to make a series of Christmas ornaments using this technique too! They are time consuming, but boy are they gorgeous!

Also shown is another of my Christmas ornaments...this one has gorgeous deep pink roses.
And then there is my silly kitty cat! I turned around the other day to find her curled up in this little box. It's literally only 6x9...but she must really enjoy it, as I find her there at least once a day. As a matter of fact she's curled up in it right now! lol Gotta love felines! =D

Friday, October 16, 2009

No Pictures Today. =(

I am definitely catching a cold. =( I truly despise being sick, but then again does any one really LIKE being sick????

I went out yesterday and today to do some shopping...I went to hobby lobby and went through there holiday aisles and found some great halloween (purple, orange & black) trims, as well as some Autumn ones (orange, burgundy and brown) All marked down of course! I grabbed several different other holiday goddies, which honestly at the moment elude me! LOL Back in the clearance section I found some neat little bottle caps...they have letters on them, meant for scrapbooking, but I intend to use them as mini pie/tart tins. I actaully found 2 seperate sizes...so I have some for single serve dishes as well as some for "lovers special' sizes too. I picked up some tiny Christmas ornaments for my trees, as well as some additional 'branch' material...the 6 inch trees they have are kind of sparse, so I found that adding some additional 'limbs' to them really fills 'em out. They also had 1/4" foam core board 1/2 off...so i bought several sheets for making gift bag walls as well as other projects.

Ooooh my 'big' Hobby Lobby purchase was an Orchid Dollhouse! I used my 40% off coupon and got it for $18. I have decided that I could very easily see my mother opening her dream quilt shop in a cozy little cottage rather than a store front. So that's what I'm gonna do. This project has been in the works since probably August, but I will finally get down to business on it after my craft show in November. That will give me November, December and the early part of January to complete it for her.

Today I picked up a couple of paper punches...one an inch size leaf, (I'm thinking of trying to punch shrink plastic to make miniature dishes with!) I also grabbed an 1/2" oak leaf and a butterfly trio punch. I found some gorgeous thin ohmbre ribbon in the Martha Stewart collection at Michael's. ooh and some great fall color tiny no-hole beads too. Tomorrow I will try and snap a few picks of my new supplies.

Tonight is Movie Night at our house...Pizza is on the way, (and a gyro for me...mmmmmm) and I picked up Inkheart with Brendan Frasier to watch. BUT after that I am back to my craft table to finish up some swaps and well make what ever else my heart desires.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ah time has run away from me...

Today I decided to NOT do the show scheduled for this weekend. I have been so busy with other obligations that I have not had the time nor the desire to get my stock where it needs to be. I am a little saddened to make this choice but I know for me right now it's the right one. I have another show scheduled for the 7th & 8th of November so I will be spending the next (thankfully free) weeks getting prepped for that. I will also be able to spend some time taking pictures of my items and loading them into my Etsy store. I have several neat items that are in various stages of completion that I will hopefully be showing off this weekend. Hope you all are having a great week so far.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Latest Works

I decided to play with some jewelry pieces and also some little holiday magnets...hope you like them! =D

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fun finds at Hobby Lobby

I went out today and find some great things are Hobby Lobby. I found some great wireless chenille in fun Halloween colors (for 30% off too! =D ) I also bought some 8 inch trees to decorate, several pieces of fabric, 4 spools of ribbon,tiny pinecones, a bag of wooden shapes (I used one to make a table base),and a 1/2 yard of fluffy felt for Christmas trimmings, and the pretty bag with the 'stars' on it will have a Christmas morning scene in it.
I saw several other things that I'd like to go back for, and I might go back tomorrow. =D

Still grey, but oh well....

I went ahead an took some pictures last night of some of my new goodies. So for your enjoyment we have...a trio of Unakite turtles, Boo, and a pair of sea turtles. On my Facebook and flickr I asked folks whether the trio should remain loose or get their own base like the sea turtles. Seems people are divided...what do you all think?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

I am sure I have mentioned before...I thrive on sunshine! This grey dreary rainy weather really gets me down. *sigh* Yesterday was the start of it...it was a horrible day for trying to take pictures...So well I didn't! lol I did take a quick snapshot of the little purple girl I made earlier. She has been all wigged and is ready to find a home. She got a little sunburnt in the oven, but I think she actually looks fantastic. I will be making more of these kids, but will watch them a little closer next time. She stands about 4 inches tall, so she would actually work in a 1:12th scale scene as a 'tween.

I am currently working on some decorated holiday signs. I originally made them to go with my mummy and turkey. But there is something to be said about premeasuring! LOL They are way to large to be held by my critters. So I have decided to make them into Happy Accidents. I am adding little clay bits to them and they will become small wall hangers! I also made some 'candy corn' candles out of clay for an upcoming swap. I've got another great little sign project that is almost finished too. But I'm gonna keep that one a surprise! =D

So here is a picture of my little purple gal...I need to give this little sweetheart a name. Any one have any ideas?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

One of these days...

One of these days I will get back to DAILY blogging...right now I kind of feel strange blogging if I have nothing to show you all. (I think I need to get over that, right?!?) So today I am gonna blog about what I've been doing and then hopefully tomorrow I can catch y'all up on pictures. =D

Well on Thursday I confirmed my registration for the Craft show on the 17th & 18th of this month. So now I have a deadline and I seem to work much better under pressure. Thursday afternoon I got a phone call from a woman I met back in May. She has organized a festival around an artisans co-op in our area...I had no idea we had one!!! She contacted me to see if I'd like to participate in the craft show as well as join the co-op! I wasn't sure how hubby'd feel about me doing another show, especially after I decided not to do the other '2nd' show. Well as this one if a Saturday/Sunday and NOT a Friday/Saturday...he is all for it! So next week I will send in my registration for a second show, this one on November 7th and 8th. I think I might be crazy for doing 2 back to backs...but pressure is my friend! LOL

So I have been busily claying away since then. I have made 10 pens...pretty simple but stunning none-the-less. I also finished 2 more Christmas ornaments...one pearl with aqua polka dots, and the other pearl with aqua paisley swirls. I finshed a trio of CF-style sea turtles, and a cute little starfish that I think is bound to become a pin. I put the word out among my facebook friends that I was looking for ideas. One suggested decorated reed diffusers. I love this idea and intend to see what I can come up with. Another one suggested guitar pick earrings. I am trying to stick with clay, but thought...'hmmm, hubby has a couple guitar picks lying around, I think I'll borrow one' So off I went and down it came. I made a great mokume gane stack of 3 shades of aqua with thin black. I impressed a great swirly stamp and carved away. I traced around the guitar pick and cut away the excess. I added eyelets to them, to give a more finished look. So yep I made my own 'guitar pick' earrings! Using another piece of stacked clay, and a larger 'kinda' pick shaped template I made a larger coordinating piece. not sure if it'll be a pin or a necklace?

Hmm what else have I made...oh yeah...2 cute mini lemon cakes, one with choclate frosting on lemon cake, the other a buttercream frosted cake topped with lemon curd and both have fresh lemon slices! Ooooh I also made a couple dozen mini chocolate chip cookies, both fresh from the oven and some waiting to go in. =D I made a batch of mini pancakes too, just need to figure out how I'm gonna make convincing syrup. I also played around with more of the aqua clays I mixed up, and I made several canes. I will use these in other things as I go along.

Thanks for reading along wth me, although I know without pictures it was probably boring...pray for sunny, great-picture-taking weather tomorrow and hopefully I'll wow you with pictures!

Y'all have a great Sunday Morning!!!