Monday, December 27, 2010

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was pretty good. As good as the holiday can be without Donnie being here. I was up until about 5am emailing Donnie and wrapping gifts. The boys slept until around 8, but played in their rooms until I woke up at 9. The boys enjoyed opening gifts, then spent the rest of the day playing with all their new stuff. Me, well I napped off and on most of the day! LOL

I've been doing a little bit of clay work, I've started on my Valentine's Day cookies and such for my store. Hopefully this year I will actually find myself ahead of the game!

Take care and Have a safe and happy New Year!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Um yeah, sooo...

How is it possible that tomorrow, whoops today is Christmas Eve??? Where on Earth has the year gone? On a good note with the fact that 2011 is only a week away this also means that my hubby is that much closer to coming HOME!!!! =D (April won't be too far along!)

I am sorry for not posting since Thanksgiving...I've been busy but honestly feel like I haven't done ANYTHING! I know I actually did, but none of it really seemed post worthy. I have finished my gingerbread house. I love the way it turned out in the end. The base is 3 inches square.
I also made a dozen pearlized snowflakes and another dozen poinsettias as ornaments. These were roughly 3 inches across and I must admit being very happy with them. My customer was very pleased with them as well.

Let's see I also have started a partnership with a local jewelry artisan. It started out with me making tiger stripe beads for Auburn University. I think these will become a regular part of my repertoire as she says they are selling really well for her! I also made some houndstooth patterned beads. Personally I wasn't happy with them, but my customer says her customer are going WILD for them. I told her if I can figure out a better way to make them I will. (the cane started out around 2 pounds, but I only came away with about 8-10 of useable cane!!!!) I'm not sure what I did wrong in the reducing, or what I could have done differently. :-(

I have also been working on little bits and bobs of Barbie (1/6th-Playscale) items. My Flickr page has my most recent additions on the first few pages, including a small tutorial on how I make Slice N Bake cookies.

On the Barbie front I received and amazing yet terrifying commission...a dollhouse!!!
A dear friend of mine has asked me to build and decorate a bookcase style dollhouse for her twin daughters' birthdays in May. My goal is to have it near completion by the end of March, that way during April while my hubby is coming home or finally home I don't have alot to do. Soooo expect to see lots of posts about that starting in the near future.

Well I think that's about it for me, for now. Take care and have a wonderful Christmas! (of course if you don't celebrate, well, have a wonderful weekend! =D)