Monday, August 8, 2011


OK so next in line for my 1st nail wheel is #7 Milani Totally Cool. I wore it back in early June. Number 8 is a deep purple from Goldie that doesn't have a name. I thought I wore it already so I skipped it. BUT as you can see in my sample wheel pic it's so dark it's nearly black! Following that is b. Lilas Optique. This is another one I already wore also in June. This really is a neat polish as it looks totally different by itself!
This brings me to my mani today. Number 10 on my wheel is by Barielle it's called Jess' Champagne Toast (I don't quite get the name as to me I think of cream or amber when I think of Champagne, but that's neither here nore there. lol) I lucked out and foudn this color at my local Ulta comsmetics store on clearance, but it is available on the Barielle website! =D
JCT is a blue leaning lilac with a pink glitter. It dries kind of gritty so I decided not to do full coverage on this one. Saturday while out shopping for kids school supplies I stopped into Biglots and found a 5 pack of e.l.f. brand nailpolishes for $4.50.
While I don't really need any more polish, I loved the colors in these and it fell well under my $3 a bottle price cap. So into my cart they went. I laid down 3 thin coats of the Lilac shade. (Sadly these are out of stock on their website as they say they are reformulating them) I decided to matte all but my ring fingers before sponging on the JCT. On my ring fingers I added a white outline sticker of a hibiscus flower before topping off with a clear coat.
That's it for me for nails and that ends the purple reign (heeheehee) from wheel A, up next are some gorgeous teal-y greens! =D Later friends!

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