Thursday, July 26, 2012

BIG NEWS...and a GIVE-A-WAY too!!!

Hi everyone!  I've got some really big news... Matt over at Fashion Doll Foto has featured little old ME on his blog!  AND he is having a Give-A-Way for not one but TWO prizes!  A custom designed Cherry-Lime Cheesecake and a $10 gift certificate to my shop!

So I am working furiously to make sure everything that I've got ready to go is uploaded into the shop, I'm about half way there!

I do hope you will hop over to Matt's blog and check out the fabulous post he wrote as well as his AMAZING images!


  1. what a wonderful review!! Congrats to you!!! (I love the giveaway cheesecake-it's sooo pretty)

  2. How did I not know you had a blog?! Eek! My apologies! It was a pleasure featuring you! :) You are Wonderful!!!

  3. NO worries Matt, you probably didn't know because it's been like 6 weeks since I last posted! EEEK!

  4. Gracias por el enlace.
    Que feliz se la ve con tus miniaturas.
    besitos ascension

  5. Congrats Deb! I feel like I have now had a "brush with greatness!" We are all amazed at your talents. Proud Family...

  6. Oh, Deb, what a lovely feature! You must be so pleased and proud. Good for you! :)


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