Sunday, July 28, 2013


I've been busy the last couple weeks finishing up some orders for 1:4 scale t-shirts and 1:6th scale foods. Got several more orders during the week as well, so I'm painting Monster High shoes, making Barbie sized pancake platters and sculpting a dragon!

I used to sculpt dragons quite a bit, everything from large ones about 8 inches long to miniatures ones only about 2-3 inches long. But as I got into doing doll scale miniatures the dragons fell by the wayside. This one is a commission from a friend who wanted a mate for the one her husband commissioned me to do last year.  She is almost finished, I just have to sculpt her front 'arms', her ears and give her some personality. Then she'll get a trip to the dragon sauna, a bit more personalization and finally her wings. 
 Here she is so far... Although I don't think Minion is too impressed with her current state! I think I'm going to pose her arms so they are either holding some gems and treasures or perched on her 'hips'. I haven't quite decided that yet. (Hence the reason she has no arms yet! LOL)

Can I just say that I adore these little Minions from Despicable Me & Despicable Me 2!  We loved the first movie and cannot wait for the 2nd to come out on DVD. (Makes me almost willing to pay the ridiculous prices to take the boys to see it in the theater...almost!)

I also took my lovely BJD Lena outside for a bit of a photoshoot.  I just love this girl.  She has a great figure, a gorgeous face and she poses like a dream!

Here she is just soaking in a bit of sun and warmth yesterday.  After a week or so of scorching temps in was nice to have a warm day without it being super hot.  Today we have rain and grey skies. o_O Boo... oh well the rain is good for the garden! *shrugs

Lena found this great big boulder in the yard and promptly explained that it would be perfect for sunbathing in the bikini I'm going to sew her... Hmmm I don't recall telling her I would sew her a bikini!

I am quickly learning that resin dolls have a life of their own and don't always like to play by the 'rules' we think they should. lol

I had envisioned Lena as being shy, quiet and calm...well while she CAN be all those things she is definitely a bit of wild child!  And you know what, I think I'm perfectly happy with that! :-)


  1. The dragon looks awesome! I'd love to see a pic of the two together!

    And yes... it's been cold and rainy here all weekend, so when the sun shines, you have to get out there!

  2. Thanks Heather, I will have to get my friend to take pictures of the 2 of them, once this one arrives!


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