Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Update...long and wordy, sorry :-(

Argh I hate being away from my blog...it's been almost a month and well life has been a little crazy! Aug. 12th was the last time I made a post. That week we found out that we would be heading to the Spring Valley area of New York as our first Army Recruiter duty station. (My husband just finished his recruiter school this past Thursday and is now HOME! =D) The following Saturday I got out of bed to answer the phone, only to discover it was a telemarketer. So I crawled back into bed and rolled over to get more comfy, when BAM!!! my back felt like it exploded! The pain was horrendous and just getting out of bed to use the bathroom (like 10 feet) left me sobbing. I called my husband (who was still in South Carolina) and cried. He told me I needed to get it checked out. I had my oldest son run next door to see if our neighbor could drive me to the ER. I ended up at the hospital for almost 7 hours. They gave me 3 shots: an anti-inflamatory, a pain med and a muscle relaxor. Told me to go home and call my dr as soon as possible. Well the next day was Sundau, no body was in the office. I tried Monday, but no one answered the phone and no way to leave a voice mail. By Tuesday I had been in bed for almost 3 days and everything I read about back pain said not to stay laid up more than 3 days, so on Tuesday I ventured downstairs...SLOWLY and rather painfully! But I was finally able to get in touch with the dr and had an appointment made for that Thursday. My appt was almost pointless as the dr did nothing more than listen to me, feel around on my lower back for about a minute and order x-rays. Went and had those done and went home to wait. I got a call from the neurology dept to set up a nerve test. Unfortunately she said with this type of injury they have to wait 4 weeks from the inital injury. Soooo I won't see them until the 20th of this month. Let me tell you this in amazingly frustrating as we have to be in NY by the 10th of October! (My house is still in a lived in state and very little packing has been done since I have been unable to bend of stand for more than a few minutes for over 2 weeks now. This could not have happened at a worse time for me!!! But I know things will get taken care of one way or another, so I'm trying not to let that stress me out)

So needless to say I have nothing to share with y'all on the nail or clay or doll front, and sadly probably won't until after we get moved. I miss crafting something fierce and wish I could play. But until then, please know that I am reading all of your blog posts and following along with everyone! Take care and I promise to get back to blogging as soon as I can! Much love! <3

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  1. Get better soon, Deborah, we can wait for your posts, just think how much you'll have to tell us!


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