Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Holy Holo Batman...

Last night before bed I decided to add a coat of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Pink Rose Diamond over top of yesterday's Into That Dark Knight polish. OH MY about wild holo-goodness! The Nail Prisms are some of the most holographic polishes I've ever seen. The are discontinued but still available on ebay. (just know that the ones with Pearl in the name are NOT holographic!!!) Pink Rose Diamond is sheer enough that on dark polishes it really doesn't change the color of the base that much at all! Just to really show off the amazing holo-ness I posted short video over on my flickr page. The resolution is crappy as my camera just did not want to focus on my nail, but I am pretty sure you can see the amazing look!

On the doll scale I sculpted my first pair of clay shoes for Cleo...of course they still need to be baked. Hopefully I'll do that tomorrw. (I really miss my candle warmer mini oven right now!!! lol) I need to sculpt a few more things so I can justify heating up the oven. BUT so far I really like the shoes!


  1. gorgeous nails! I cannot wait to see the shoes- I was lost in that link you posted yesterday for quite awhile- I have an urge to make shoes now!

  2. That is a very lovely color!
    I like your blog :-)

  3. I am looking forward to seeing those shoes you sculpted. Did you have a chance to bake them yet?
    Have a beautiful day!


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