Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Woohoo!!! I was crafty! lol

I started a project yesterday and for a first attempt I'm pretty happy with them! I made my Cleo a pair of shoes! I have actually made a few changes to both the shoes and the doll since the picture in the above link too. I used some lightweight cardboard and photo paper to make the outer sole and the inner soles respectively. I used a strip of ribbon as the uppers and a piece of Q-tip stick for the heels. They are just prototypes as they aren't sturdy enough that I'd feel comfortable selling them. (which is my ultimate goal) But for a 1st attempt I'm pretty darn happy with them! I think I want to 'brand' my shoe line, kind of like red soles are symonymis with Louboutins. I think I want to use a dark teal or aqua as my 'branding' color. I have painted the soles and heaels of this pair with a wonderful nail polish called Figi by Petites. (it's an inexpensive brand at Walmart or Kmart!) I'll share that pic tomorrow.

I want to make some molds of Cleo's feet and legs. Hopefully I can cast them in plaster and then make polymer clay shoes and boots around the molds. If my ideas work I should be able to then remove them and they will be wearable. I also want to sculpt shoe bases that can then be decorated with fabric and ribbons too. There is a lovely lady in Finland who goes by Tarja, who amongst other cool things, makes amazingly cool shoes for several different brands of dolls. I HIGHLY suggest you click on her name to visit her Flickr photostream! =D She is definitely a creative inspiration for me!
On the nail front I switched polish the other day to a custom color I created a while back. I absolutely LOVE holographic polishes and wanted to create a black. For the most part I succeeded! I say for the most part as I used a good bit of navy in my mix to keep it from being overwhelming (and I only had a small bottle of black but a large one of navy! LOL) And while this color reads black on it's own, next to a true black it definitely comes off as Navy. But you know what...I LOVE this color and the holo-ness of it is awesome! I hope you like it! I call it Into That Dark Knight. What do you think?

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  1. I love the polish color- very cool- and I really love the shoes! I can't wait to see your experiments with the casting--now I'm off to check out that flikr page- thanks for the link! Have a super day!!!


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