Monday, November 14, 2011

Still in GA, and playing around...

Things are very much still up in the air as we wait to find out when we need to be in NY, so we are just enjoying the time we have here and getting this house ready to move out of. We were planning to travel up the eastern seaboard to get to NY, but have decided to travel to OH first as my Mom and Step-dad have graciously allowed us to winter our travel-trailer on their property, since all the parks in NY are closed for the season.

In the last few weeks I have been working on some more clothes for my Monster High doll. (I'll get back to Barbie stuff too, once we get moved. I love Babs and will always come back to her, but I'll tell you I am loving the challenge of creating for the uniquely shaped MH girls!) I created a top to match the Purple Gingham Skirt I created a few weeks ago. This one was completely from my own mind and I love the way it turned out.

My next top was created using a Barbie doll pattern that I reduced and altered to fit the MH body. I was very curious to know if this would work as I have several patterns for Barbies and would love to use them to create more clothes. For the most part the process was easy and worked rather well. Because of the exaggerated curve of the Monster High spine, the back doesn't close completely like I'd like it too, but with some time and tweaking I think I can make the work too. I love the way the top turned out and will be adding some slim black ribbon trim to it to finish it off!


  1. wow those are really cool! verrrry nice!

  2. nice dolls

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