Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Started the new listing and updating process

I've procrastinated enough and finally got started listing the new cupcakes I created as well as began the process of creating a separate listing for each and every item I create.  This is a huge pain source of procrastination for me as I really really really dislike the listing process!  It's just so tedious and boring. BUT it's really hard to sell things if you don't list them! So I relisted most of  the Valentine's Day cupcakes that used to be in a single listing.  3 of the last 4 customers I had didn't tell me which variety they wanted, so I contacted them.  One even admitted she hadn't bothered to read the listing so she didn't realize there WERE options!!!  0_o!!!   So to be safe I broke it out into individual listings.  I also added some chocolate cupcakes in the Valentine's theme that never ever got listed!  (um yeah I made them like 2 years ago. *sad face*)

I also got my St Patty's day cupcakes listed...yay me!  I actually managed to get something for a holiday listed BEFORE the holiday AND before the following year! lol  Of course I now have a crick in my neck from being hunched over my laptop, but we all suffer for our art right? ;-)
From the lookout point overlooking the Hudson River

 Tomorrow I will be back to listing as I have a few more cupcake styles to list as well as some cookie plates.  I also would like to finish the 2 Easter baskets I am working on and get those listed too. Although I probably won't list those until later this week as I think I want to photograph them outside, since the weather is so nice!

  We live atop a mountain on historical West Point NY. And in the woods across the street from our house is this fantastic Lookout Post. The above picture was taken from the top looking down into the valley at the Hudson River that lies right next to West Point.Beside the Lookout Point is this really neat earthen embankment.  There is a rock with an engraved marker that says Redoubt #2 1778  It's a defensive position from the Revolutionary War!!!  How cool is that!

Another view from the lookout tower. Speaking of nice weather, yesterday was lovely and since our younger 2 boys are on Spring Break I took them out on a nature scavenger hunt.  We had fun looking for all kinds of neat spring time things.  I took a few pictures as well. I must have changed some setting as the images had a weird blue hue to them.  So I changed them to Black and White.  I like! =D

Not exactly sure what this building is, as it's on the other side of the Hudson and is actually quite a distance away.  My boys call it "The Castle'...I can't really disagree.  It is a beautiful structure, whatever it is!

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