Thursday, March 22, 2012

I fell off the world again...

 Believe it or not I have been hard at work...mostly.  (Today how ever was completely unproductive and I accomplished nothing!)   Rather than moan and complain about my apparent lack of work ethic when it comes to my shop, I figure I'll let the pictures to the talking.

These are resin drinks.  Top Row L to R: Mojitos, Mojitos, Ice Water with lemon, Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry Lemonade

Middle Row L to R: Tequila Sunrise, Tequila Sunrise on side to show maraschino cherry, Mojitos, Blue Hawaiian's with lemon slices and maraschino cherry, Blue Hawaiian's with lemon slices and maraschino cherry
Bottom Row L to R: Sex on the Beach, Sex on the Beach, White and Red Wine, Orange Deamsicle

Next  up is a pair of commissions made for a trade.  I'm getting some awesome in-scale rock-a-billy cherry print fabric! =D Can't wait already have some plans for it!  In exchange I made to breakfasts.  My friend simply asked for bacon and eggs...well I just couldn't leave it at that! LOL  So I made 2 platters of scrambled eggs and crispy fried bacon PLUS 2 Cheese Danishes; 1 cherry the other blueberry, I also made to mugs of Chai Tea/Coffee with cream/Hot Cocoa.

I am very happy with the way they turned out and my friend is over the moon happy as well!

2nd breakfast meal.

In my head I intend to have my shop stocked with Easter goodies BEFORE Easter...maybe I cam actually get some done!  Here is a basket I created and filled last week.  The basket was handmade by me from 2 kinds of ribbon, then filled with green 'grass' !  I stuffed the basket full of wonderful goodies including a plastic rabbit I repainted, several pastel plastic Easter eggs, 2 marshmallow ropes, a decorated chocolate egg and a bag of teeny tiny jelly jeans. Each jelly bean is about half the size of the head of a pin!

I also created a pink version of the basket that has a chocolate bunny and a bag of hard candies.  The baskets are about 2 inches tall at the highest point of the handle! =D

Chocolate bunnies waiting for baskets

Chocolate chicks waiting for baskets!

This pic is the start of yet another commission.  This one is also a trade for which I'm getting a large lot of Monster High items.  My friend here has commissioned me to do a 'fancy restaurant meal for 2'.    So we decided on appetizers (which I am still having a hard time deciding what to make), green salads, main course of filet mignon, lobster tails, baked potato and green beans, with some kind of dessert. 

So far the Salads are as far as I have gotten but I created several varieties of lettuces, cherry tomatoes, black olives and red onion slivers. I am very happy with these and even created a third bowl that will make it's way into my shop...eventually! lol

Last but certainly not least are these wonderful miniature hand carved and hand painted horses.  They are Dala Horses  from Sweden sent to me by a dear friend!

These wonderful little treasures are just over and inch wide and the same high!  I am looking forward to setting up another scene as I intend for these little cuties to find there way into as many scenes as possible! =D 


  1. wow girl, you HAVE been busy !!! Love the bacon best of all :D

  2. Thanks hun! The bacon is everyone's favorite! What I find amusing is that the bacon was one of the first canes I did a couple years back when I first attempted miniatures! (I made so much of it back then I will have bacon for decades! LOL)

  3. I love it all. But THE CHOCOLATE BUNNIES!!!! They are soooooooooooo cute!!!

  4. Thanks April...hope you are liking the salads! =D

  5. Wow. You have been VERY busy! Love your little drinks. The Mojitos are my favorite. In real life and in miniature! :D
    Your Easter baskets and breakfasts are wonderful too. Will you be listing any of these things on Etsy?
    I also enjoyed reading your post from West Point. I'm sure you and the boys had a great time up there.
    I love scavenger hunts!

  6. Hi Kathi! Thanks for all your compliments. Every keeps saying how good mojitos are (in RL) so one of these days I need to try one! :-)
    Yes I hope to get several (preferably ALL) of them listed in my shop this weekend!

    The boys had a great time on our scavenger hunt. I can definitely see us doing more this summer!


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