Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hi Friends!

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful weekend.  I'm doing well. Recovery is going good, I think.  I have my 2 week (-ish) Post Surgery appointment tomorrow, I think I'll get a good review! hehe

 I have been working on a few commissioned orders as well as some more fun goodies for my shop. First up are my Slime Cheesecakes with Candied Eyeballs.  (In case you hadn't guessed I'm working on a line that will be more Monster High/ Halloween themed =D)

 I am really happy with how these turned out and will be making several of them (once my new shipment of mini plates arrive!)

So in addition to the peach, strawberry and (soon to be) tropical cheesecakes that are perfect for everyday eats, I will have these fun, vibrant, slightly creepy sweets. 

Eventually I plan to do drinks with eyeballs, as well as cookies decorated with larger eyeball design.

Next up are these 2 fang-tastic cutie cupcakes. Ironically they were supposed to be purple, but the frosting mix I made when cured turned this cute shade of pink.  I think they will be a hit with Draculaura! ;-)  They are decorated with sliced eye candies, frosting noses and painted mouth details.  They are vanilla cake in white wrappers.

I am planning several other ghoulish food ideas including several cupcake designs, candy corn items, as well as some decorated cakes.

Of course if you can think of some fun, festive and spooky foods (sweet OR savory) I'd love to hear about them!

<---- Was something I was super excited about.  I wanted to decorate cupcakes with tiny bats, pumpkins, ghosts and such, but honestly didn't want to have to try and sculpt them. 

So I pulled out my Halloween paper punches from the leftovers of my scrap-booking stash and punched out a few pieces from Shrink Plastic.  AND yippee skippy, it WORKED!!!  So now I have mini black licorice bat gummies!!!  I will be punching out tons more of these. (I can only do about 50 at a time as it takes a bit of pressure and makes my hands hurt! LOL)  But I will have orange pumpkins, white bones and black bats.  And that' just for halloween! =D

My box of completed Monster High fashions is filling up nicely, although I am still lacking in solid tops to mix with the patterned skirts.  That will be my goal this week.  I have several pieces cut and prepped I just need to get them sewn and decorated.

My current commission schedule includes those above mentioned tropical cheesecakes which involve creating a strawberry cane.  I am not looking forward to this as in the past my strawberry canes have not turned out well.  But I am bound and determined to get it right this time!  Also on the books are some stylish eye patches for a Monster High ghoul who had an unfortunate incident at the beauty salon, as well as a Parisian picnic, a pair of English Jubilee picnics and several new commissioned MH outfits.

Until next time, my friends!

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  1. Shrink plastic! How cute!
    I'm glad you are feeling better. Can't wait to see what you do with these little bats. :D

    I am not a robot. Blind, maybe? Is this really necessary? :P


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