Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hiya Friends

I've been busy these last couple weeks in fits and spurts.  Life has been going pretty well with some interesting 'bumps' along the way.  Our oldest son finally decided he was ready to start the enlistment process to join the Army. During the process we found out he had a heart murmur.  Which in turn the Heart Specialist says might actually be a small leak in one of his valves.  So his enlistment is on hold while we wait for him to have and Echocardiogram next month.  If you would I'd be thankful for any prayers, good thoughts, and healthy vibes you might send our way.  He is hoping to be able to become a Vet Tech for the Army. :-)  I'm very proud of him, and just know he'd be great in a Vet's office.  He just has an amazing way with animals! Of course we know there are plenty of other ways for him to become a Vet Tech, but doing it through the military is the way he really wants to go.

I have been working on a set of 5 short sleeve button down shirts for the MH guys. After almost 3 weeks they are all finally ready for my customer to choose her favorites. Once she does I will add snaps if she wants, as well as faux buttons. She asked for green plaids and I found 3, plus I added a light brown/blue plaid and a great red plaid. (which is my favorite!) I used a vintage Ken pattern that I reduced and altered to fit. For the most part I've got the pattern to where I want it as far as looks go, and it honestly doesn't take too long to sew them up...that is IF I can stay focused on sewing. 

 Staying focused seems to be a big problem for me.  I think the problem is that I really really like facebook, it's pretty much the only way I keep in touch and chat with friends.  Moving up here to NY has been, well honestly, lonely.  I've only met a few of my neighbors and while they are all really nice, there isn't really any one I hang out with, have coffee, go to lunch or go shopping with.  For the most part I don't really mind very often, but back in GA I knew there were folks around if I wanted company doing those things.  So these days FB is truly my social network, and I enjoy every minute of it, but it is SO easy to lose track of time.  A few weeks back I started treating my day more like a work schedule and turned off my laptop by 10am so I could get to 'work'.  That worked really good until things like doctors appointments and maintenance people fell into my schedule.  And I'm the kind of person who, once they fall out of a routine, find it incredibly difficult to get back into one!

I am bound and determined to get back on track this coming week. (although with Hurricane Sandy expected to make landfall not far from here, we shall see)  But barring major issues, I plan on sewing and sculpting all this week.  If I can work some photography in all the better.

At least I know that even if we lose power I can still sculpt and sew by hand as long as I have light.  I can also prep clothing to be sewn once power is restored.  Of course God-willing we won't lose power, but at least I know I have things I can do if we do.

<-- This is my favorite shirt of the 5... this shirt was actually made from fabric from a shirt that belonged to my youngest son!  I also think this one turned out looking the best too.  Thank goodness I have more of this fabric as I have several ideas for more things to make for both guys and girls.  I love how well it paired with the shirts from the Create a Monster set.

I have decided that I am going to change my focus with my Monster High clothing.  I am going to start creating pieces that are designed around each characters individual personality and style.  Yes I think this might require a bit more work, but I think it will also really open up lots of avenues, especially if I can showcase how my items mix and match with each characters stock clothing.

I have started compiling 'files' for each of the characters with ideas of where I want each line to go.  I have some really great ideas, as well as other collectors sharing their input as well.

I still plan to create custom order work for anyone who wants it, as well as some non-specific pieces also.  But I am very excited about this new idea and can't wait to finish up my custom orders and really get down to it!

Of course in the midst of all the sewing there will be food as well.  Once again I am well behind and just didn't get my monster-ish foods done in time to list for Halloween. :-(  Although that is one nice thing about Monster High, those items will be in demand year round!  So I'm not stressing over that too much.

<--- This is another favorite of mine, this material I actually found at Walmart.  I am SOOOO glad our WM's up here still carry fabric!  The ones down in GA had phased out their fabric departments several years ago.  But that wasn't such a big deal since there was a JoAnn's, a Hobby Lobby and a Hancock Fabrics all within 2 miles of each other and within 10 miles of my house.

I think I about had a craft-related stroke when we moved up here. Not only were we at least 30 minutes up or down the mountain from the nearest WM. But the only craft store was Michael's.  Now don't get me wrong I LOVE Michael's, but they don't carry more than a few (read: TINY selection) of Fat Quarters.  I have to drive 45 mins to a hour to get to JoAnn' or Hobby Lobby.  I about cried the day I discovered that. 

So it was a happy day indeed when I discovered that our WM's still have pretty respectable fabric departments!  Although I really don't need any more fabric, I often come home with a quarter yard of this or that! :-)  (Thankfully a quarter of a yard makes a good bit of Monster High sized clothes!)

This last image is from my newest addition to my studio. I bought 2 flat pack media towers for $20 each.  They are almost 3 feet tall, a foot wide and about 8 inches deep. They come with 4 shelves, although I decided to just use 3 in each.  The bottom 'shelf' of each one I have turned into a mini Diorama. That way I can enjoy having a couple dolls down at eye level.  In this one, I used a picture from a magazine, mounted onto cardstock as wall art.  The red bench came from the Dollar Tree, as did the green lamp on the left.  The bucket of flowers is made from a clear hairspray cap I painted with nail polish on the inside.  the flowers are made by me, from wire and hand painted punched paper.  The books, oh the books... Can I just say that I LOVE books everywhere.  These particular books came from Hobby Lobby.  But not in the miniature dept. as you might expect.  Nope these are part of a new line of jewelry making charms! They have 2 different sets. The Classics set which includes: Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, and Romeo and Juliet.  The 2nd set is the Fairy Tale collection, which includes:  Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Snow White. They retail for $4 a set (but are often on sale, as well as being able to use coupons on them! Don't forget if you have a smartphone they take the coupons electronically now too!)  They have really nicely designed covers and gold edged 'pages' (which I'm pretty sure is just chip board).  But these are a great way to add filler to book shelves, desks or where ever.  They do have a simple eyepin in the spine of the book, but mine came loose with a simple gentle twist.

Also in the room is a grey kitty I've had for ages that came from one of those Toobs filled with plastic animals and such.  While many of the Toobs are less than ideal for miniature work, the cats are pretty decently sized for 1/6th scale and work really well for 1/12th.  The Dog Toob is darn near perfect for 1/12th.  They also make several building/landmark sets that I'd like to pick up for knick knacks and such.

I'll try to get a few better shots tomorrow to show off the other details in this mini room as well it's neighboring room.  Thanks for hanging in there while I babbled.  To everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy, please stay safe and try to stay dry! HUGS


  1. Crossing my fingers for your oldest and hope you all stay safe with this hurricane on the way! Many Blessings, Matty :)

  2. I promise not to do much damage. xoxoxo Hurricane Aunt Sandi lol

  3. Sending prayers your way for your son. Love all the MH shirts! Would you believe they just put all the fabric departments back in the Walmarts here in GA. I was sad when they took them out years ago. I guess they were bigger money makers than they expected because they are back.

  4. Thanks Matty! :-)

    I would appreciate that Hurricane Aunt Sandi! =D

    Vanessa, that is fantastic! I think that the poor economy has actually helped the craft market as more and more people are learning to make their own things rather than buy them!

  5. Your son and your family is in my thoughts and I'll keep your son in my prayers also. I love the shirts! We don't have much for craft stores in my town either- I have to drive an hour and a half to get to a decent sized one-but we have a small joanne fabrics-so that's something at least. I can totally relate about wanting to cry when shopping is a long drive though :) My hubby says it saves him money-lol. Stay safe this week- I'll be sending you good thoughts and thinking about you :)


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