Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Well hello there!

Ugh has it seriously been almost a month?  Guess so!

I had a couple weeks where I just felt bleh, and didn't feel like doing much of anything.  The weather was crappy and that affects my mood.  I finally started to get back in the mood a week or so ago.  I started working on a Monster High commission.  I had been asked to do a plaid button down shirt.  I printed a pattern off-line, but it just didn't work the way I wanted it to, so I ended up purchasing a vintage Barbie and Ken pattern.  I figured since I've successfully taken Barbie patterns and scaled them down I should be able to do the same for Ken. 

 Well it a degree.  the first draft ended up just a shade too small.  So I added about a 1/4 inch to each pattern piece.  I had to alter the sleeves and collar more as the proportions were off. The second version was good, a bit snug in the chest but it worked.  So I again altered the pieces to allow a nicer fit.  And fit nice it did!

For the most part it looks good.  I snapped these pics and loaded them for my customer. Then went "Crap!" 

I managed to sew the collar on crooked.  The right side of the collar sits WAY lower than the left.  Well my customer loved it, except for one thing.

Nope not the wonky collar, she'd like short sleeves.  Oops, guess I should have double checked on that tidbit first!  So my wonky collar is no longer an issue.

So tomorrow I will start on version, um 8 million point 2, this time with short sleeves and making SURE to get the collar lined up properly!

She has even asked me to make a couple open and with a tank or t-shirt underneath!  Sweet!

Still on my To-Do list is a Parisian picnic and some Copper-style outfits. Copper is a BBC America police drama set in 1864 New York.  I have yet to actually catch the show, but I am excited about the challenge the outfits will present.  I will be working on 2 suits for a pair of Create a Monster guys.  Should be loads of fun! :-)

I also have some Barbie outfits to work on soon as well.  Hopefully I will be back soon with a few more updates!


  1. your sewing skills for these dolls amazes me! Nice job-crooked collar and all! I have a pattern for a dress for barbie that I want to try out for a LIV doll, but I keep putting it off:)

  2. PS- I have a hard time being productive when the weather is bad too :)

  3. Thanks Kim! The nice thing about the Liv bodies is that they are very similar to Barbie and there fore your pattern shouldn't require too much altering! I cannot wait to see what you create. Would this by any chance be for your Marie Antoinette lovely?

    And again thanks, glad to know it's not just me!

  4. It is for my Marie Antoinette gal :) I have started her wig and just a few sweets but I still am a bundle of nerves about the dress. Just gotta jump in there and try I guess! You are a big inspiration :)

  5. Go for it!!! My suggestion, pick up an inexpensive dress shirt from the thrift shop and use that as practise fabric. Try to find something of a similar weight to what you want to work with. That way you can practice and see where alterations need to be made without wasting potentially expensive fabric. Also be away if you plan or work with a silky or satiny material that they ARE slippery. Pick up some white tissue for gift, and sew your pieces on top of the tissue paper. Then just tear away the paper after each seam. It's a bit more work, but I find that it helps the smaller pieces move better through the sewing machine. (And YES I do this 'trick' on just about everything I sew regardless of the material type!!!)

  6. Thank you so much!! I hope I get a chance to play with this on the weekend- you have me itching to try now :) You are so kind to give me so much advice ♥

  7. It's my pleasure to help Kim. I've picked some tips up through trial and error and it seems silly not to share what I know. It's not much, but we dolly girls gotta stick together! :-)

  8. I really like this shirt ! I saw everything that you do in sewing, you are very talented and full of good ideas ! Bravo !
    For time is like home and I am less motivated ^^

    And sorry if my English is bad :(


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