Friday, January 25, 2013

Hello out there...

Ugh, it's been almost 3 weeks since my last post, but the time has just flown by.  I mean, seriously, how is January nearly over already!!!  I mean holy smokes my oldest son leaves for Basic Training in barely a month! *shaking my head* How is that possible?

The last 3 weeks have been filled to the brim, but I don't really seem to be making a dent in the things I planned.  C'est la vie....  Even though I told myself I wasn't going to take too many commissions for a while this year, that fell by the wayside very quickly as things I wanted came up for trade.  So I have been steadily plugging away at a long list of commissions. 

 The Barbie foods I was working on in the last post, have been finished, shipped, received and loved!

I did a pair of breakfast platters with 3 fluffy buttermilk pancakes with butter and syrup, plus 3 strips of crispy fried bacon.

To go with the breakfasts I put together 2 bowls of mixed fruit.  There are green grapes as well as peach, strawberry and pineapple chunks

 For lunch I did 2 bowls of rich and creamy tomato soup, and 2 platters with grilled cheese sandwiches and a pile of potato chips.  My customer and I decided to leave one half of each sandwich loose to allow for greater playability!

This set here actually has opened up a new opportunity for me too which I'll get to in a moment! =D

For another customer whom I'm trading with I designed these fun ice pops!  (or popsicles, I grew up calling them popsicles. lol)

I have since changed the 'design' a bit bit adding more translucent clay and ultra fine glitter into the colored mix. This allows the pops to look more icy.  These can be found in my shop here.

As to the opportunity brought to me by that platter of grilled cheese sandwiches...I'm going to start sculpting food stuffs in an even larger scale!!!  I'm going to start offering items in 1:4 scale very soon!  A dear friend of mine whom I have known for years collects and photographs these gorgeous 1:4 dolls. HERE.  She has teased me for several years now that it was only time that I get into them myself.  Well being resin BJD (ball jointed dolls) they do come with a rather hefty price tag. (Like several hundred dollars for a nude doll!) So needless to say they have been low on my priority list!  I mean I can buy 15-20 Monster High or Barbies for the price of one BJD!  But to make a long story short seeing my grilled cheese she asked me if I could make some props for her dolls in 1:4 scale.  I said I could but I would need something to use as reference.  She graciously offered to send me a spare doll hand she hand. (They come with removeable hands much like the Fashion Royalty dolls do to allow different hand poses)  Well imagine my shock and surprise when I opened the box to find not just an on-lend hand, but a head sculpt generously gifted to me!!!!
Now of course, my head looks nothing like the lovelies in her Flickr photostream, but that's because my girl is completely bare.  She needs, what is called a face-up.  Basically she will get acrylic or glass eyes in the color and style of my choosing (her current ones are polymer clay ones I made up quickly just to give her some 'peepers'), she will also get eyelashes as well as a full paint job with the 'make-up' look I choose!

If you are interested in seeing all of the amazing BJD jointed dolls being offered, go check out Denver Doll Emporium. it's my understanding that they are one of the largest sellers in the country. 

So over the next few months, not only will I have new Monster High clothing, foods and accessories, but Barbie items as well as 1:4 scale pieces!

For now, though it's time to get my nose back to the grindstone and try to push through this long list of commissions!


  1. Wow! Your breakfast looks so yummy! You are making me hungry!

    Have fun with your new projects and commissions! Good for you! :D

  2. wow- how fun! I adore the ball jointed dolls-but I have to stop myself from that hobby- it can be expensive. It's bad enough I gave in and bought a Blythe :) I love your bacon- it looks so real!!! Was the head a gift and now you can get her a body? How fun for you= and congrats on the new venture into that scale! I wish your son the best at basic training ♥

  3. Thanks Kathi! My minis making someone hungry is such a great compliment! =D

    Kim, I have 'avoided' BJDs for about 2 years, now, but honestly having even bits of one in my hands, well I fell fast and hard! Yes the head was a gift to me so I just need a body, but will end up getting an additional head to have various styles to play with.

  4. Lucky you!!! I really look forward to your posts about your journey with it- I can live through you on this one :) lol. I am really excited for you!!


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