Sunday, January 6, 2013

Time to get back to normal!

And so 'vacation' time comes to an end...My youngest 2 boys go back to school tomorrow, and the hubby is back to work.  That leaves just me and the oldest home. (at least for the next 2 months)  But he's taken to staying up at night and sleeping most of the day. *shrugs* So it's pretty much just me.  Tomorrow morning I'm planning on starting my day by removing the last of the ornaments from the Christmas tree, disassembling it and packing it away to wait for next year. BTW this is what it looked like fully decorated!  --->

Every year I choose a different theme (from my collection of about 5), this years choice was Winter at Midnight...the tree was decorated with white, silver, crystal and black ornaments.  It's one of my favorites as it's just so very chic!

Actually come to think of it, I'm going to start my day by doing a couple laps around the block with the dog after the youngest one gets on the bus!  That will get my exercise out of the way and wake me up! THEN I'll get the tree taken down.  The holidays are over :-(  and it's time to get back to normal.

It's finally started to warm up a bit so all the snow we got after Christmas is finally starting to melt, which means I have errands that need run too, including a trip to the post mail MORE orders out!!!!  Can I just say that I am so excited about this!  I honestly don't think in the 5 years since I opened the shop,  that I have ever had an order a day!  It really is a bit mind blowing! =D (Now of course I just need to keep up the Listing momentum and um...stop buying more things with my profits!)  Hmm I think I need to add that to my resolution buying!!!  Trading is ok though! heeheehee!

 This is the next part in the trade that also includes yesterday's grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup...  BREAKFAST!!! Yum!  We are big breakfast eaters in my house, although since everyone gets up at different times we usually do Breakfast-for-Dinner instead.  Pancakes are my middle son's favorite food, so I was thrilled when my friend asked for pancake platters!  These will each get three strips of crispy bacon and rich maple syrup drizzled over the top!  I am also making her two bowls of fruit and 2 glasses of milk.  A nice hearty, fill-you-up-right breakfast!

I spent a bit of time yesterday just playing...I started the bed here, oh about 3 months ago... I just loved the plaid ribbon and thought it would make an awesome double dust ruffle!  The bed is just an open box shape made from sturdy shipping grade corrugated cardboard.  The mattress is made from thick foam, like flip flop or garden kneeling mats are made from (which that is exactly what this one was before I got a hold of it! ;-) heeheehee!)  I did add a layer of quilt batting over the foam to give it extra squooshiness!  But that was really as far as I'd gotten.  So yesterday I grabbed out these 3 pink fabrics, some black and white ribbons and made a quick comforter.  I didn't add any batting inside as I wanted it to drape more naturally.  While I didn't quite get it as soft and pliable as I'd hoped (I think the lighter pink was actually too heavy) I love the way it turned out.

Once I finished it, I spent an hour or so pulling together this wonderful bedroom for Draculaura.
 One of the pieces I made quick last night to bring everything together was this fun chenille rug.  I actually took a round piece of cardboard (the end cap to a ribbon roll) and glued the raspberry colored chenille to it!  Quick easy and super cute!

I have added these to my shop and will be making up samples of each color chenille I have so I can make custom rugs for sale!  If you are interested you can find it listed HERE!

The other thing I finished up yesterday was this adorable hippie-esque rose headband.  This was another project I started a while back and finally got around to finishing and listing.  It's a simple elastic band, with a pretty paper rose sewn to it, with a white fleece disc sewn on as well to protect the doll.  I listed it (and a pic of the other 13 colors of roses I have available) in my shop HERE

Within an hour of listing it, I had a customer contact me about not only purchasing 2 headbands for Monster High but about me doing a custom one for her Pullip doll as well! =D

Last but certainly not least is another UFO (UnFinished Object) that I finally finished.  This piece started out as a prototype for a commissioned outfit I did back in November. But I never got around to adding the snaps on the back and photographing it.  So yup, finished that too and listed it in my shop HERE.  This is the first piece in my new approach to MH clothing.  I'm going with a more character driven style.  Ghoulia here and Operetta (who is the cover model in the Etsy listing) both wear a lot of red and both have a 50ish, rockabilly kind of style.

This piece is also the start of my Lots of Dots Casual Line!  I adore polka dots, and with the popularity of the Dot Dead Gorgeous line by Mattel and THIS video, I wanted to do a casual line of clothing to kind of tie into that. So expect to see more dots in the future! =D

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  1. Such great ideas! I like the ruffles on the bed and the rose hair band as well as the other things.
    Keep up the great ideas!


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