Monday, October 21, 2013

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Hmm Can you tell that Christmas is a holiday I really enjoy?  Well just in case it wasn't obvious, I LOVE Christmas!  Decorating for the season is one of my favorite things to do, and most years I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving.  I figure this year will be no different.  

What is different though, is that this year I actually seem to be ahead of the game for things to put into my shop for Christmas.  Part of the reason is due to a couple of awesome purchases made a few weekends ago while we (the family) were out yard-saleing.   I found these 3 containers of fabric and craft supplies for a total of just FIFTEEN dollars!!!!

   The 2 bags on the left are packed full of mostly Christmas fabrics!  When the girl selling them asked what I was going to do with them and I said 'make doll clothes', she got a big smile and said that the lady that they originally belonged to also made doll clothes!!!  :-)

The tote to the right is full of all kinds of different fabric, trims, yard, ribbon & notions! 

 I was truly blessed that day! 

 I decided that once I was done with this year's Halloween items I would start with some Christmas Pajama sets.  I found a pattern for a set of menswear style 2 piece pajamas.

 I started with the pants as well, they are the easiest.  Lena here is modelling them for me.  They fit pretty well using the pattern as is, but since it was an Ellowyne Wilde pattern, the waist was pulled pretty snug getting up over Lena's hips. I used elastic at the waist band so they do look good.  I decided to add about a 1/4 inch to the pattern to allow them to slide over the Minifee hips without stressing the fabric. Much better!

This red holly fabric is just one of many pieces, but I think it's the PERFECT scale for dolly PJs!  

Hi it's Lena, modelling is tough work so I headed to the kitchen to grab a snack while Mom grabbed the other parts to the PJs.  There is nothing quite like fresh from the oven chocolate chunk cookies! YUM!

And these PJ pants are SO comfy!  They are nice and roomy too, very easy to move around in.  Hopping up on the counter was a breeze! ;-)

Here is the matching button down top.  (although it's missing it's buttons. LOL)

I want to use either red or green buttons but only had black and white.  So I ordered an assortment of small buttons, but they'll take a while to arrive.  So for the moment I just used a safety pin to keep it closed.

I'm not entirely happy with the top,  I think it looks a bit too boxy. Everyone that saw it on Facebook said it looked fine!  But I went ahead and trimmed a smidge off the sides of the pattern, so the next set will be a little more form fitting.

I think I need to try and find a pattern for making fuzzy slippers next! ;-)

Lena informed me that these jammies are perfect for curling up with a good book and a mug of hot cocoa in front of the fireplace.  I, of course had to remind her that they don't HAVE a fireplace.... needless to say, it's been strongly suggested that I GET or MAKE them one before the winter sets in! LOL

I originally thought to make the Christmas PJs a 4 piece set: top and bottom, matching ruffled panties and a coordinating solid tank top.

While I think I will still offer a few full sets, I will most likely offer mainly the bottoms and a solid tank top!  Those I can knock out pretty quickly, which will allow me to offer them at a lower price too! 

BUT I must admit I LOVE this look I created for Lena here!  It's cute and sexy all at the same time!  The panties came from an undergarment pattern I bought, that includes a bra too!  I had to alter the panty pattern quite a bit to get a pair with full coverage in the bum area.  The original pattern was nearly a thong!!! o_O  Lena and I both agreed that was a No-Go! 

Well that's about all for tonight.  I've got a few more things to share with y'all tomorrow though! 

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  1. I love Christmas, too, Deb. Look forward to the gift giving, the scents and tastes of holiday foods, the decorations, and the warm sentiment contrasting with the cold weather.

    Love your holiday pajamas for Lena. PJ tops are often boxy ... they are the least sexy things, lol. Especially in cozy flannel.

    Thanks for sharing Lena's new fashion.


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