Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 5 Photo and upcoming etsy shop items

Day 5's photo prompt was Looking Up.  So I decided to go with a shot out my back door looking up into the tree line above the house. The last 2 days have been really foggy... not great for driving but makes for an interesting view.

I never thought  I would find myself saying this, but I'm kind of wishing for some snow.  (If you had asked me if I missed snow, a few years ago I would have said NO quite emphatically too!)  But I find that with Christmas coming up, I would love to see some snow on the ground. Sadly when I checked the 10 day forecast, it doesn't look like any is in the near future.  But I'm holding out hope that we will get some for Christmas!

Starting tomorrow I will begin listing several new items in my etsy shop.  Among the newest are some lovely outfits for the 18" American Girl size dolls.  These pieces are being hand sewn by my mom.  She does the most amazing stitch work I have ever seen!

I am hoping that the pieces will sell well for her!  This is just one of about a half dozen dresses that she has made.  There are also a couple skirts, vests and adorable little capelets!

I'll share more pictures tomorrow!


  1. What a beautiful view! And I don't mind the snow, but it is so COLD here, I can't go outside and enjoy it. Bah!

    Your mom is an amazing seamstress! That dress is gorgeous! Lucky 18" dolls, that get to wear her stuff! I hope she does well and lots of dollies get her dresses! :)

    Yaay Day 5! Keep going!!! :)

  2. Miranda, the view here is one of the things I LOVE about where we live. We live nearly on top of a small mountain! The ridge in our backyard goes to the top.

    Wouldn't t be fun to have snow without the bitter cold! :-)

    Thank you for your kind words about Momma's work. I will be sure to pass your compliments to her.

    I'm actually enjoying this challenge, especially since I'm not trying to limit myself to just the girls.


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