Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Today's Photo-a-Day prompt was Sweet.  I actually didn't have a picture planned (heck I wasn't even sure what the prompt was at the time) when I took this picture! LOL  Today was my middle son's Christmas Chorus program.  They had a nice little 'reception' before the program with treats and snacks for everyone.  I volunteered to make cookies.

I used a new-to-me recipe for sugar cookies that I found through Pinterest.  It's supposed to make Perfect Cut Out Cookies. I had no desire (or time) to deal with cut out cookies. So I simply used my small dough scoop and then pressed the cookies down with a sugared glass bottom. As the recipe was, I'm not entirely sure that I would use them for cut out cookies, as the dough was VERY soft. BUT that could have been my fault as I think my butter was softened too much when I got started and it did firm up when I chilled it, but I didn't have enough time to let it fully chill.  But for round drop-ish cookies they turned out lovely!  They were light, fluffy and just sweet enough.  I used a can of ready made frosting that I amended with some extra powdered sugar for more body (although I think I should have used more. C'est la vie, hind sight is 20/20)  The cookies were a hit, and not a single one remained at the end of the night! :-)


  1. *drool* Those sound delicious. Mmm.... sweet indeed!

  2. They WERE delicious!!! And super quick and easy to mix up too! I highly recommend this recipe!


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