Monday, August 4, 2014

A gift from Raine

Last week a package arrive for Lena from her BFF Raine.
Lena was very careful with the box cutter... the blade was half as long as she is tall!!

We moved the Fairyland box over so she could open her envelope a little easier.

"I wonder what's inside?"

 "A Pedometer? o_O Hmm are you sure this package is for me?  I think this is more YOUR size, Mom!'
"Yes Lena, April assured me that the package was for you!  A birthday gift from Raine. I guess she forgot to write a note."
"No biggie!  Well I better open up the box and see what's in there!"

"Well Mom, you were right, there is DEFINITELY not a pedometer in here! You should see the cute tape Raine used!!!"

"So show me!"
"Angry Birds!!!  I love the green Piggy! heeheehee"
"So what's in there Lena?"

"Oh... Mom!!!!  Raine sent me a pair of THE shoes... THOSE gorgeous gold sandals I've been drooling over ever since I came home!!!"

"I am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world, and I have the most amazing Bestie ever!!

RAINE!!!  I am sending you the biggest cyber HUG ever!!! Thank you SO much!!!"

"Don't they look amazing Mom!!!  These are my new favorite shoes for sure!!
OOOH Can you make me a dress to go with them?  Maybe something strapless and navy, and polka dotted?"
"Not until I get my studio cleaned and organized!  I can't find anything right now!
"Well you best get to work then. These shoes NEED a gorgeous dress!"

*mumble, grumble*
"Although I must admit, these ARE some of the most gorgeous sandals I have ever seen!  Thank you so much Raine and April!"

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