Sunday, October 12, 2014

Christmas Cupcakes

Continuing on after yesterday's Halloween cupcakes, today I have for your viewing pleasure, Christmas cupcakes!!!

My customer requested an assortment of 2 dozen cupcakes.  In the end we decided on 5 style with 5 of each.  (She got a Baker's Double Dozen! ;-) )  Here are the inspiration real cupcakes and my miniature version.  These were also scented.

We started out with my versions of these Santa Hat Chocolate cupcakes.  The 2nd photo shows one of each in Barbie, 16" fashion doll (1/4 scale) and American Girl doll size.  My customer purchased the Barbie doll size.

Next up were these Snowman face cupcakes.  After a quick polling of my friends on Facebook, we decided that the chocolate chips looked better point down, and I preferred the carrot pointing off to the side rather than straight up.  My customer specifically asked if I could get the sugar look, and we were both very happy with the results! The Snowman cupcakes are scented with Gingerbread scent!

The next cupcake I recreated was a green version of these wonderful present cupcakes. These are Vanilla scented, and the green 'wrapping paper' has a slight iridescent shimmer to it.
These last 2 sets of cupcakes tuned out to be the hands down favorites. First up these elegant Poinsettia cupcakes. These are Red Velvet Cake scented. The poinsettia petals were done with paper punches and have the veins hand drawn on. The pearls are also polymer clay... I had extra from the star cake I did for this same customer, they worked perfectly!
And saving the favorites for last... POLAR BEARS!!!! I was so excited to try these in miniature, and SO happy with how they came out.  The polar bear cupcakes are Peppermint Crunch scented. I actually took some miniature peppermints I sculpted, chopped them up into teeny tiny bits and mixed it into the Peppermint scented clay!  I LOVE these so much! :-)

Tomorrow I'll share the last of her custom order and a cute Halloween dress I made! Y'all enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Those are all adorable! My favourite, though, are the Santa hat cupcakes...there's just something so whimsical about them.. :D

    1. Thanks Randomfish! You know I really like the Santa hats too... they are just simple and adorable!


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