Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sorry y'all falling behind again.

So when last I left you I was showing off the neat Shooting Star cake I had made.  And I think I told you about the Halloween cupcakes I was working on.  So in this post I will show you all the finished Barbie scale cupcakes, as well as the real cupcakes that served as inspiration. OOOH the other cool thing about these cupcakes... they are SCENTED!!!  So they smell like the type of cake they are supposed to represent! :-)

 First up are these Mummy face cupcakes.  They are Red Velvet cake, and smelled amazing!

Next up were they fun Green Furry Monster Cakes. They turned out too cute, but I'll admit getting the frosting stiff enough to spike, but still soft enough to spread was a challenge.  The eyes crack me up!  These cupcakes are Vanilla scented and smell like the real deal!

Next up for inspiration was this photo.  We both LOVED the little bats on purple frosting.  In hindsight, I wish I hadn't glossed the frosting as it almost exactly matching the inspiration photo and the 'jelly' bats stood out more. BUT my custom was very happy with them as is, so we called it good. These are what I called Autumn Spice, and they have that rich heady Fall scent, you know that one that just screams cooling temps and changing leaves! ;-)

The green spiderweb cupcakes inspired us as well, but we found an even better cupcake for those.
See what I mean!!! These were a bit tricky to do, as these are Barbie sized cupcakes, so they are only about a third of an inch across, so getting the right amount of black icing was tough. But in the end my customer and I were really happy with these as well! They are Orange Cream flavored. And I will fully admit that they smelled so good I actually went out and bought the ingredients to make homemade Orange Cream cupcakes... you know like the filled ones that Hostess makes.. yeah those!

And last but certainly not least are from what we consider a Must-Watch movie in October. jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King from The Nightmare Before Christmas !!! These smelled like Chocolate Fudge Cake, My hubby said the clay smelled so good and looked like chocolate I better be careful not to leave it sitting out, someone might think it was the real thing! ;-)
I made 5 of each design for my customer. She is giving them out as tables gifts at an upcoming Barbie convention! :-)

Tomorrow I'll share the Christmas cupcakes I made for the same customer! 

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