Saturday, January 3, 2015

Character Bios---Lena Markum

Lena Marie Markum is a 22 year old College Senior.  She is in culinary school, with dreams to one day open her own Cafe with her best friend Abbie Dupree. Lena is an only child who is doted on by her parents.  She doesn't see them very often as they live on the West Coast and she chose to attend school on the East Coast.  But they keep up via weekly phone calls and frequent emails.

Lena has what she considers boring brown eyes and needs glasses.  So she can generally be found wearing her contacts instead.  She likes to play around with her appearance and has many different colors of contacts including aqua, dark blue and her personal favorite: PURPLE!

Lena's hair is wavy brown in color, but she has a collection of fun wigs.  Her current favorite is a lovely burgundy shade.  But she can often be seen in her rainbow colored wig or her cotton candy colored wig as well.

One of the first things she did after turning 18 and graduating from High School was get a tattoo.  She has loved peacocks since she was a little girl and chose 2 facing peacock feathers as a 'permanent necklace'.

Her tattoo was done by Ban over at Ban's Boutique , she is amazing artist.  Not one for being overly modest, Lena takes great pleasure is showing off her artwork. Lena's tattoo is her pride and joy. 

When Lena isn't at school or at the little coffee shop she works in, she can often be found at home reading, playing on the computer or spending time with one of the girls 3 cats.  She also enjoys hiking, horseback riding and just spending time outside.

Lena is a Minifee BJD by Fairyland, with face-up and custom tattoo by Ban's Boutique.

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