Saturday, July 22, 2017

New Puppy--July Subscription Box is LIVE

 It's Adoption Day today!!!  Lena and Abbie are volunteering at the animal shelter, in hopes of finding all these adorable puppies their Fur-ever homes!

Are you and your MSDs ready for the responsibility of pet ownership? If so head over to D-Lightful Designs to adopt your new family member!

Adoption fees are just $20 and include not only your adorable new puppy (we have many breeds to choose from!), but a starter bag of kibble, a couple cans of moist food, dishes, treats, toys, a collar and leash as well as some New Puppy/Dog training books!

Ethan and his girlfriend, Mari have come in looking for a dog for Mari, to keep her company at her shop.
Abbie is attempting to keep the puppies rounded up and at the moment she seems to be doing a good job of it.

 "Hey Mar... I think this little guy likes me!" Ethan whispered as he reached down to scratch the fluffy head of the black puppy who toddled out of the 'pack' when he sat down.
"Oh Ethan he sure does!  I bet he'd make a great farm dog for you.  I've heard about people who keep large breeds like him as guard dogs for their livestock." Mari replied from amidst a pile of puppies.

"So love, do you have a favorite? Have you decided which one to adopt?"
"Honestly Ethan, they are all just too cute, but none have really spoken to me."
"What about the little guy in your lap?"
"Oh he's too cute, but Abbie said he was adopted this morning, but his new family had to go pick up a few things for him first."
"Well, the right dog will come along at the right time I guess."
"Like that cutie there at your feet?" Mari snickered a bit watching her boyfriend play with the cute roly-poly puppy.
Ethan looked at her, then at the puppy gently chewing on his fingers, "I hadn't planned to adopt a pup today, we were looking for you!  But...this guy is pretty darned cute. And he should make a pretty good farm dog..."
"YAY!!!!  You're getting a puppy Ethan!" Mari exclaimed, much to some of the dismay of some of the puppies around her. "Sorry little lovelies!"

Ethan and Mari headed over to the desk that Lena was manning to fill out the paperwork and start the adoption process.

I hope you've enjoyed Ethan and Mari's adoption adventure and if it inspires you to adopt a dog for your own resin folks, I hope you'll come over to D-Lightful Designs .

Ethan is a Wilde Imagination Rufus Rutter
Mari is an Iplehouse Tatiana JID
Abbie is a Wilde Imagination Ellowyne Wilde


  1. Hello.

    I hope everything is OK with you, since you haven't been active here for a while now. Your creations were awesome, I hope you're healthy and that you find time and motivation to blog again.

    Take care.

    1. Thank you so much for your concern. I am indeed doing well, but sadly have very little time for my 'gang' or crafting. I started a full time job last summer and even now am still going strong.
      Please stay safe as well!


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