Tuesday, February 28, 2017

And they're LIVE!!!!

Hey y'all, I apologize for leaving everyone in the lurch the past couple weeks, been busy getting the 1st wave of the Subscription boxes out and ready to go live!  
And I am proud to say they are!!!  =D  The March 2017 box Snuggled on the Sofa is available for purchase HERE
The lovely Mari (Iplehouse JID Tatiana) is showing off the bevy of items included in the inaugural box.
Each box will contain a large plush creamy white throw blanket, a white tonal print pillow, a glass of red wine, a ceramic plate with 2 chocolate chunk cookies, a creamy candle, a large succulent in a striped planter and a trio of books from author and BJD collector Diana Wicker

The books are designed from Diana's coverwork and while not readable they are openable with individual pages.

When I first put this plan into action I sought out several people in the BJD universe, who agreed to accept an advance 'copy' of the 1st subscription box in exchange for their honest and individual reviews. I hope you will go visit these wonderful folks and check out what they had to say about the Snuggled on the Sofa March 2017 box. 
Danielle at Vita Plastica has done an indepth video review on Youtube
April at April's Sea of Dollie Sweetness created a fun review 
Ternessa at Confessions of a Dolly Lover  did a short and sweet review featuring one of her larger dolls 
ShellyS from Flickr  took several great shots

There should be a couple more reviews coming in the future. :-)
If you are interested in purchasing your own box of MSD sized props and accessories head over to my shop and grab one for just $20 plus shipping! 


  1. Hello! It's a really pretty set! Did you do the couch aswell?


    1. Hi MonsterCrafts! Thank you. :-) Yes I did infact make the couch, in one of the future boxes there will be instructions to create a sofa as well!


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