Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Daily Dish...um...how about Monthly, Maybe!!!

I am such a horrible blogger! It's been a couple weeks since I posted anything and most of what I have been posting has been well...fluff! My husband headed over to the Middle East in the middle of April, I hurt my back, I have been dealing with dr visits, a craft show, a yard sale/bake sale and an impending surgery. Every little thing just seems to run together!!!
The boys and I are doing well...they are very eager for school to let out. (and honestly so am I) My hubby is doing well also although he would MUCH rather be home!!!
My back is fine now! :-) Doctor visits should be ceasing with my surgery next week, well after the follow up! LOL It's nothing major really, just an outpatient procedure to stop my non-stop feminine issue ;-) It's a procedure called an ABLATION and YES to my guy friends out there it's one of those feminine issues! LOL While under anesthesia they are also going to tie my tubes for me! =D I am very happy about all this. My mom is flying in from Ohio on Thursday to take care of me and the boys! I am not really worried about the surgery, but I am very glad to know that she will be here! I miss having my mommy close by!
My craft fair, that I worked feverishly on for almost 3 weeks...was well kind of a bust! It was scheduled from 10-5, but most everyone had packed up and left by 3! The weather was actually rather nice, but the sky was rather threatening, and the wind was pretty gusty! I felt really bad for many of the other artists who had paintings or photography for sale...those things just couldn't stand up to the wind!!! I did ok...I made about $60, which covered my table fee, lunch, and dinner for Saturday and Sunday night. So not bad, although it could have been better...at least I sold something!
This weekend is our Post-Wide Yard Sale...that means the whole military community has their yard sales the same day. It's a HUGE deal...I am by no means ready for it, but I honestly never am! LOL I can think of a ton of stuff already that I just need to pull out, wipe down and price. I also told my boys that we will make goodies together, but they can have a bake sale and 'lemonade' stand. AND whatever money they make they can split between the 3 of them! They are all very excited about that! (heck they might end up making more than I do! LOL) So tomorrow I need to start baking away so there will be tons of goodies for them to sell. We are also gonna do lemonade, sodas and waters. I've gotten some really great deals on those things, so I think it'll go well!
Then next week is my surgery, so I will be out of commision for a couple days. I don't think I'll really need it but my Momma says I am going to relax if she has to lock me in my room! LOL So I guess I better get my TV hooked up, my books ready and my Farmville set! =D

I have tons of new polymer clay items to share with you, but need to get pictures taken. Hopefully over the next few weeks I can do that. Thanks for listen to me ramble! Y'all have a wonderful week!


  1. I've been wondering what you've been up to! Sounds like you are wearing yourself out with all of these projects/plans! Happy to hear you sold some things and hope you do well at your garage sale too!
    Prayers for your surgery with hopes it will fix whatever ails you.

  2. (((Deb))) hope all goes well. Enjoy having your mother there. :)

  3. Hope the surgery goes well. Let us know how you are xxx

  4. Thoughts and prayers will be with you, as always. As to your surgery, been there, done that, LOL. Take advantage of your Momma's presence. While the surgery itself isn't too bad (only some cramping afterward, for me), you'll still feel like you've been hit by a truck, just from the anesthesia etc. So take it easy and enjoy a couple of days of being Momma'd. Hope it all goes well for you and you're back on your feet in no time. Do you have a picture of your lightening bug jars anywhere? I made poor hubby get 5 jars of salsa (and he has to eat them, I don't like salsa, LOLOL) so I can make them for the grandkids this summer when we go camping. What crazy things us PC artists do for our muses. Hugs and smiles.

  5. Thanks gals...yeah I really have been running myself a bit ragged, BUT I have made the commitment to myself not to join any swaps over the summer, no matter how badly I want too! That should cut down on my stress-creating, and allow me to really just play!!! I often bite off more than I can chew. So I am looking forward to doing a little nibbling!
    I truly appreciate all your thoughts and prayers, they mean so very much to me! I will definitely be back to post as often as I can! =D

  6. Sue I am 'charging' the lightning bug jar as I type...so I will post some pics tomorrow. I have also used the small marshmallow creme jars. (although those have plastic lids, so you need a metal tool that you can heat to 'punch' holes in the lid. Also Wal-mart has a brand of parmesan cheese that comes in containers like the salsa does AND the cheese is actually good too! We don't eat much salsa here either, so I am planning to check out the Dollar Tree to see if their salsa or cheese dips come in the same type of jar. Cause then I won't mind just dumping out the salsa and spending a buck just for the jar! LOL

  7. I wish you good luck with the surgery- you will be in my thoughts! I was wondering how your Mother's Day sale went- glad you covered your table fee and got some dinner out of it too! I must have missed reading about firefly jars, but I am sooooo curious! Sounds like something I would really like!!

  8. Deb take it easy & let your mom look after you.
    Good luck on the garage sale!
    hugs Karin


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