Sunday, May 2, 2010

Meet Cassie!!!

I decided to go ahead and pick up the Barbie Fashion Fever Fashionista, that I originally wanted today. So please meet Cassie! I just LOVE her brown hair with pink highlights!!!! If I were 10 years younger, I'd probably do something just like this to my own hair! ;-)(Her hair is a bit of a mess, so I am going to research styling ther hair and she'll get a new 'do sometime soon!)

Her outfit is cute, still a tad short, but atleast her's is a skort! LOL I like her belt but it's just WAAAAAAY to plastic looking, so I am planning on remaking it for her out of cording, and real chain. Like Bren her shoes looked ridiculous, so she got to choose a pair from the set I ordered for Bren. I must say I LOVE the boots with her outfit! She will get a manicure too, and eventually new lipstick as her lips are much like Bren's were although not quite as bad. BUT I need to pick up some pure acetone before I attempt THAT again! LOL

This morning I took the boys to see How to Train Your Dragon That is an adorable movie!!! We all had a wonderful time. Then we headed off to do some shopping. (I must say I realizeed quite vividly WHY I prefer shopping alone!!! LOL)We headed out to Walmart for some potting soil and plants. Those will hopefully get into the ground tomorrow! I also got a bit of fabric that was half price (not advertised, but half price!!! Mom and I will definitely be headed back there after she gets here!) I also picked up Cassie, and found several small glass vases and cute little buckets for my Mother's Day rose bouquets! I found other various odds and ends for my work area as well as my mini's! I brought the boys home to watch their new movies and headed off to Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Target. I picked up a rose leaf punch and a 5-petal flower, for my roses. the 5-petal one will become my calyxes. (although they are going to requires more hand cutting of them than I had hoped, but atleast I am not cutting every single one by hand!!! I will head back on Monday to get the casting resin for 'water' I also picked up my bags and tissue paper for the show this next weekend. I got several storage items and a couple colors of Studio by Sculpey that I didn't have. (and was on clearance!) I also picked up several pieces of fabric on clearance for 1/6th scale clothes as well as 1/12th scale furniture! While I Wal-mart and Target, I was distressed at the price for Barbie clothes!!!! $3.99 for a single dress!!! Hobby Lobby had their Simplicity patterns for 99 cents, so I bought all 4 fashion doll patterns they had! So in the coming months watch for clothes to be showing up!

Ok well I'm gonna leave you hanging here, cause honestly my brain just flipped off and I have no idea what else to write! LOL So I guess it's time to go read what y'all have been doing today and then head to bed! Hugs!!! ;-)


  1. Cassie is cute! She looks like me. lol Not! ;)

  2. heeeheehee...I can see the similarities, although I don't think you'd be caught dead in an outfit like that! LOL I am working on making her some nicer more appropriate attire! ;-)

  3. um... okay, but once I did wear a j-lo knock off, which I ddn't even realise at the time... glue stick works well, lol

    Okay, I'm too old for the really short minis! I still like them, from afar. ;)


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