Saturday, May 29, 2010

Got my hands dirty today!!!

I finally started getting the tons of flowers I bought several weeks ago into the ground today! (well actually now that I think about it I didn't get ANY of them in today! LOL) BUT I did get some funky fluffy pink flower things moved today. I really don't care for them, but don't want to get rid of them since out Housing people put them in. (I live in a rental) So we (Momma, me and my wonderful oldest son!) dug them out and planted them amidst the other flunky shrubby things Housing planted. I laid down landscape fabric and then covered it in a nice thick layer of mulch. I only got about 6 feet done before the storm came, but it looks really good already. Tomorrow we are heading back out and will finish atleast the front third. (My flowers beds are seperated by different parts of my house. lol) I will hopefully get some pictures taken tomorrow and will share.
My Craft area re-org is still going incredibly slowly, but that's supplies won't die like my plants could! LOL I have one more armoire to empty out and then ALL of my supplies will be in my living room. My goodness putting everything into one place really makes you take stock! Literally and figuratively. I really need to NOT buy more supplies just cause I think I might be able to use them one day. (Unless it's on clearance and a SUPER good deal!!! lol) Hopefully this coming week Mom and I can get back into the craft area and really get down to business in there. I am itching to make something, but until my supplies are sorted and put away I really can't find anything to make anything.


  1. What, what, what??? you mean we're not SUPPOSED to buy more supplies just cause we think we MIGHT be able to use them one day???? Oh no, I've been doing it all wrong, LMAO. I suspect all us artsy/craftsy people tend to be compulsive, packrats with hoarding tendencies, LOLOL. Glad to hear you're feeling well enough to get out and do some "digging around". Take care. Smiles

  2. I know isn't it crazy!!! But I think I have enough supplies for several crafts to last me years!!! I think you are right about crafty people having hoarding tendencies. I think it's even worse for those of us who dabble in multiple crafts!
    I do indeed feel raelly good although my body (and the weather) told me that I came perilously close ot over doing it. (my 2 hour nap felt fantastic though!!! lol)

  3. I laugh at the first comment by Sue. Compulsive pat rack with hoarding tendencies describes me perfectly! To top it off- I'm like you and I have tried about a million different crafts and love them all, so have all the extra "stuff" you need for each craft! I am also glad to hear you are doing well ♥ Will you be showing us some pics of the new garden beds? You know I am a flower garden junkie, don't you?

  4. No wonder we all get along so very well! lol

    As much as I would LOVE to be able to keep supplies on hand for every craft I have tried, being in military housing and possibly facing our first move in almost 9 years next year I really need to start paring things down and figure out what I really want to make. And then start really, really paring down my supplies.

  5. Oh BTW YES there will be pics of my flowers...hopefully soon. We are heading back out tomorrow (weather permitting) to get the rest of the first portion of beds completed.


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