Monday, January 3, 2011

1st Tuesday in 2011

The boys all head back to school today, and me...I'm hitting the gym. Time for me to really buckle down if I want to lose 25-30 pounds before Donnie comes home in April. After I hit the gym, I've got to stop by the vet's to pickup Zeus' vaccine papers. He's heading to the groomers for a spa day. He started limping this afternoon, I think it's his claws though.
Donnie usually trims them and I am ashamed to admit that since it scares me to do it (Zeus knows I'm scared of hurting him so he tends to be jittery too, which makes me even more nervous. Vicious Cycle really!) I haven't trimmed his nails since July when Donnie did them. Zeus let me look at the leg he's favoring, and even with putting pretty firm pressure from shoulder to toes, he didn't flinch, yip, nip or anything which is what leads me to believe it's his nails. BUT if he's not better by Wednesday I will get him in to see the Vet!!!

On the mini front I have been hard at work on Valentine's Day goodies. I've been decorating cookies, cupcakes and even made a heart shaped Red Velvet cake! More of my current pieces can be seen on my Flickr.


  1. I've never trimmed Louie de Cat's nails. (So shamed of me!) So I understand your discomfort. Louie scratches the furniture though so I hope he gets a nail trim that way.

    Ooohhhhh! I cannot see more goodies. No more. Okay, peeping at that luscious-looking heart-shaped cake. Yum. Sigh. Trying to feast with my eyes ;-P

  2. Thanks D7ana...I'm glad you enjoyed my goodie pics!
    Our cat is declawed (atleast her front ones.) the weird thing is she NEVER scratched at furniture until AFTER we had her claws removed!!! Strange kitty.

  3. Hi Deborah! Your cake looks delish! We drove through your town on our way home from Florida. I waved, did you see me? :D

  4. Thanks Kathi...well shucks I musta been looking the other way! You shoulda honked! ;-)


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