Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MOTW and what I'm doing now...

Last Saturday was my sisters' baby shower, on my way there I stopped at the Walgreen's just up the road from her hoping to find the Sinful Colors brand copies of the OPI Pirates of the Carribean On Stranger Tides collection. These colors are gorgeous dirty/murky pastel shades, but I honestly can't pay $8 a bottle for polish. So with Sinful Colors being only $2 a bottle I was excited! Long story short my Walgreen's hasn't gotten them in yet, but since I need to break a $20 anyways I picked up 2 Sinful Colors bottles and a Wet N Wild glitter! ($6 total! =D) So without further ado today I have for you Sinful Colors Mint Apple. Mint Apple is a pretty green leaning turquoise with what appears (in the bottle) to be a silver shimmer. Although on me this does leave the tips of my fingers looking a little red I adore this color!!! I've got 3 coats on as the 1st two are a little streaky and leave a good bit of VNL (visible nail line) showing, the 3rd coats evened everything out and left my nails pretty darned opaque. What I discovered was the silver shimmer is actually more gold on the nail! Even better! To top off this mani I used some gold swirly nail art stickers to add a little pop and play up the gold shimmer. I added a clear coat over top (although I should have done 2 to hide the edges of the stickers better) Et Voila! =D

This is what else I've been working on this past week. I want to get back into making Barbie doll clothes so decided to get several pieces ready to sew. So I picked my favorite pattern SEEN HERE. So I grabbed several fun fabrics and set to work tracing out the pattern pieces. I hate working with the tissue paper patterns so I scan and copy them onto card stock and then just trace around the pieces onto my fabric. The other reason I do this is so I can seal the edges of the piece. I use Crafter's Pick The Ultimate glue to keep the edges from fraying. The Ultimate is billed as a water based super glue. I LOVE this stuff, I use it for EVERYTHING!!! (Heck I love it enough that I ordered a case from the manufacturer =D) But anyways, back to the dresses, I now have 8 dresses ready to sew as soon as I break my machine out. For the most part there are just 7 sets of basically straight lines of stitching on these pieces. Of course there are darts and details, but hey that's the fun stuff! So be on the lookout for new attire coming soon!

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  1. Love that little green dress. It's so cute!
    Can't wait to see what you do with all of these pretty fabrics. :D


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