Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's done, it's done, it's DONE!!!!

Of course if we're friends on Facebook, you already know this, but my hubby and I finished the dollhouse Saturday morning at 3am and delivered it about 12 hours later! Even with all the stumbles, pratfalls and missteps along the way I am thrilled with the final results. AND my friends were stunned at the final results and I think the squeals from the twins was a PERFECT exclamation of their thoughts! =D

Five of the 6 rooms were fully furnished: A kitchen/dining room, the Purple Monkey bedroom, the Pink Butterfly bedroom, the bathroom and a living room. I was lost as to what to do with the sixth I let the girls choose. They want a tv room so that's what my final project for them will be. Their family is moving to Washington state next week so I will ship it to them after they arrive in their new home.

More pics of the house can be seen on my Flickr HERE

I'll have a few more posts later to catch up, but for now I've got to let my latest mani dry! Later friends! =D


  1. this is very pretty, great job, We got my daughter a doll house this year for christmas,, it was a chore to put together....but oh so cute, and she has a blast playing with it!

  2. awww- it's so darn cute! You guys did a fantastic job!!!!!

  3. Darling little house! Love the "matching" bedrooms. It's great to see you doing minis again. :D


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