Sunday, June 19, 2011


Purple...I love me some purple! =D I seem to wear a lot of purple and have loads of purple nail polishes too. So when I asked my hubby to pick out my next mani color, I wasn't a bit surprised to see a purple as his choice. lol What did surprise me was the actual polish, or should I say 2 polishes. I have one round 'sample' set that is nothing but black polish with various color toppers. After pulling up my polish list I grabbed my Sally Hansen Black Out polish and did 2 coats over a base coat. The topper I uused came from a group of polishes I bought on ebay a few monthes back. It's from a company called b. Turns out this is a French company. Their website appears to be completely in French. The color I used was called Lilas the bottle and on it's own it is a lovely pale blue color. But something magical happened once over the black, the blue turned into a gorgeous purple color.
And I LOVE that my mani matched my shirt almost perfectly!!! =D

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  1. Great layering! I've been avoiding eBay lately (crazy sellers, scammy buyers) but if there are gems like this topper to be found I might have to poke around over there again.


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