Monday, April 2, 2012

No excuses, just life

I'd love to be able to blog daily...I just can't seem to find the energy or the desire to do it. :-(  I like blogging actually, I really do. Heck I like WRITING too, but for some reason I just can't manage to write on my blog daily.  Geesh, lately I can't even do it weekly!  But such is life!  I read my blog-roll every day and love seeing what everyone else is doing. 

 I was at Target a couple weeks ago looking for a 9-square bookshelf. (It'll be for my fabric) =D Of course they were out of the shelf, but shock of all shocks they actually had almost a dozen Monster High dolls in stock!  That was the fullest shelf I'd seen since before Christmas!  Aside from this one single solitary Nefera they had nothing I was interested in.  Honestly I wasn't even sure I was interested IN Nefera, but I carried her around with me lest someone ELSE decide they had to have her!   Well she was a great price so I brought her home with me, and boy am I glad!  I am completely in love with her!!!  Her outfit is gorgeous, although her 'skirt' is so short her bum shows!!!  Hence the brown leggings she's wearing!

She is a tad bit taller than the other Monster High dolls and has larger feet (which is annoying as that means she can't share shoes with her sister or the other ghouls: -( But HER shoes are OMG amazing!) I'll try to post pics of those tomorrow!

I decided that Nefera was too pretty to be single...she strikes me as the type to always have a man on her arm. Since I had an extra 2010 Harley Ken lying around I figured I'd try them together! LOVE THEM!

Nefera might be self absorbed, demanding, a tad narcissistic, but underneath it she is loyal and those she deems worthy! And while Ken adores her and makes it appear he worships the ground she walks on, Ken is no push-over.  Who'd have thought a "normie" would be perfect for Nefera!

While I'm not normally a fan of unusual shades of lipstick, this regal teal is stunning on Nefera! I am still debating on cleaning up her lower lip to bring the paint more up to the natural lip line.

She has gorgeous lavender eyes that remind me of  Liz Taylor. Hmm I wonder if it's a coincidence since one of Liz's most iconic roles was that of Cleopatra!  Either way with her luscious shimmery sun-kissed skin, fabulous make-up and stunning eyes Nefera has quickly become my favorite!

I definitely need to finish my sculpting and sewing commissions as I desperately want to build some furniture that is more properly scaled to both the Monster High and Barbie dolls!  I love this chaise, but honestly any doll over about 8 inches looks silly on it! (Not to mention Nefera said pink is NOT her color AT all!!!)

 My latest bout of insanity (as my oldest child says) involved sculpting miniature Peeps, both Bunny and Chick versions.  I have since molded them to allow for quicker production. Ironically the bunny was more of a hassle to sculpt than the chick!
In hand...Playscale/Barbie sized palm

I have been commissioned to do a fancy meal for two, for my friend April over at April's Sea of Barbie Sweetness. Dinner will start with a 'yet to be determined' appetizer, then a green salad (shown half way down the page HERE.) Then we move onto the main course.  It will feature bacon wrapped filet mignon, a broiled lobster tail, green beans almondine, and a loaded baked potato. I started the potatoes today and it's a multi-step process but I am loving the way they look so far!

Here are the spuds naked with a colored pencil for scale.  The potatoes will get dressed with a light drizzle of melted butter, a sprinkled of cheddar cheese, a lovely crumble of crispy bacon, a dollop of sour cream and a smattering of chives!  They are proving to be labor intensive, but I am absolutely loving how they are looking.  Hopefully I won't mess them up at any stage of the dressing!

So that's what I've been up to, in a nut shell.  See y'all soon...hopefully! ;-)


  1. don't feel bad - I like blogging too but never seem to get around to it either :(
    as you said, such is life ...
    I'm glad you don't give up though !

  2. Thanks hun! I know I can always count on you with a pep talk! HUGS!

  3. Those potatoes are adorable :)

  4. Your petite peeps are the best thing I've seen this spring! Too clever! CM


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