Saturday, September 15, 2012

Monster High Photoshoot

When I decided to head across the street into  the woods, it was quickly apparent which Monster High ghoul I should take with me.  Who better than a 'plant monster'!  Venus McFlytrap is billed as the daughter of 'a plant monster' and an eco-punk.  Personally I prefer to think of her as the daughter of Mother Nature herself. :-)

Now, I must be honest, I never truly intended to purchase Venus, her promo photo's didn't call to me like Rochelle Goyle and Robecca Steam did.  But when I found Robecca in a local store for a super cheap price I knew I'd be silly not to go back and grab the one Venus they had too.  I even flirted with the idea of selling her online for a bit of a profit.  But in person she intrigued me more than I figured she would and well she quickly found herself released from her box.

Our first stop was this Red Oak tree next to the playground. Venus found a nice branch quickly settled in.

I decided I wanted to kind of do a 'Senior Portrait'  type 'shoot with her.

For a doll that initially didn't intrigue me, well I must say I think she photographs really well!

We headed down the path and I caught her in this patch of sunlight.  Aside from a few stray hairs, I really like this picture.

Venus communes with a tree.

This is another of those shots that I think turned out really well.

Here is Venus perched on that fallen tree with the spiral bark I mentioned yesterday.  Normally I wouldn't have kept this shot since Venus is a bit blurred, but this was the best of the bunch and I still like it a lot!

Just relaxing in the woods

Standing tall top the look out tower.

(This shot and the others I took of her here kept me nervous as she was standing on her own atop the look out tower a good 30 feet above the ground! Thankfully the wind chose to stay still while I was shooting them!)

Glorying in the sunshine

Sometimes even a plant needs to pull up roots.

Such pretty flowers

Shall we go this way?

Hopefully no one gets offended by this or the next picture.  I found this really neat patch of moss and thought a few shots of my Nature Ghoul au naturele wouldn't be amiss.

Personally I think these are lovely  shots and I hope you do too!

Nature Ghoul au Naturele


  1. Oh, I love the last two best of all :) Her hair is just fab !

  2. My favorite is "Just relaxing in the woods" - I love how she seems to be in a 1:6 scale forest.

    She does photograph well. Thanks for taking the scary photos too. Glad that nothing bad happened. Whew!

  3. Thanks Ban! Oddly enough it was her hair that initially made me shy away from her, but in actuality it really is lovely!

    D7ana, I will admit that i think these are some of the best MH pics I have taken so far. Venus was a pleasure to photograph and I look forward to next spring to shoot her again! :-)

  4. Her promo photo didn't excite me when Mattel released it but she's amazing in person, she's now my favorite MH doll. Your Venus photos are lovely!!

  5. Thanks Kristi! I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one not Wow'd by her promo pics. Glad you enjoyed the ones I took!

  6. I love Venus ! She's cute and good on her place in the nature ^^

  7. Thank you Krystal, I have definitely fallen in love with this ghoul! But then again I think I fall in love with each one every time I photograph them! =D

  8. Great photos! You've given me some ideas for when Mini Jazzi comes to Birmingham for a visit. :D

  9. So there I understand I have the same worries ^^ What a pleasure to decorations and take pictures !


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