Saturday, November 21, 2009

Need Help from my DollHouse Friends

Hey there everyone. I am in need of some help. As I have mentioned before I am making my mom a dollhouse for Christmas/her 60th birthday. I want to transform it into a combination Quilt Shop/Sewing School. I would also like to add a small studio apartment to it. I have purchase a pair or Orchid dollhouses from Hobby Lobby. I would like to combine the 2 into one larger house. If anyone has done this or knows someone who has...I would love am tips, hints, tricks or techniques they used.
Thanks in advance for you help! =D


  1. Hey......I haven't put two houses together, but I have built an addition onto one....First off~ we need pictures, and so do you....try to sketch out what you want to do. I can try and help you as much as possible:) Also check out Casey's minis...she's really good at putting houses together! Lets us know how your doing with it.....sounds like something I should be making my Mom:)


  2. Thanks Katie...I will definitely try sketching it out first! I will be keeping a 'record' so to speak while I build and decorate. I will be starting bright and early Friday morning. I'm planning on emailing Casey directly to see if she has any tips for me. I need to get working on some quilts and bolts of fabric. I have 3 swaps I need to finish up next weekend as well...but then after that it's all Seamstress Plus! (that's the name of mom's shop =D )


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