Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oh Dear...

It seems I have been very remiss in welcoming my new friends! There are several that I have not properly welcomed!
So my apologies to these wonderful folks. Please take a few minutes to visit there blogs where available.
First up is Marlene...she is a very talented miniaturist with 2 great blogs. Somerset House showcases her miniature work. Her second blog is Poppy Patchwork, is her personal blog, but she also showcases her beautiful needlework here too! Welcome Marlene! =D
Next is Chris V. Chris has 4 blogs. She is a fantastic miniaturist as well. Candid Canine is her main blog and there you will discover that Chris is also an author!!! She has written several books one of which is a wonderful looking book called Searching for a Starry Night

Next is Danitza Zarate...unfortunately I couldn't find a blog for her, but welcome just the same! (BTW feel free to contact me if you have a blog, website or store you'd like me to share! =D )
Next up is Victoria of Vika-mis currently working on a Russian Village House. Some of her fabulous miniatures can be found on her flickr site.
Next is Guinivere Norrington is a fellow military spouse and artist. Guinevere is a fabulous seamstress who plies her trade making 18" doll clothes. Check out her blog Camelots Treasure and her Etsy store by the same name.
Next is Teresa Riley who is another fellow military spouse, she is a paper artist who makes some truly gorgeous scrapbooks. Please visit her blog, Paper on Parade and her etsy shop!
Last but not least is Rebecca of Fira Marina. I had the pleasure of making Rebecca's acquaintance last year when I bought some of her lovely beads. She sells on Ebay and Etsy...I do hope you'll take a few minutes to visit her website to view her amazing work

Again my apologies for neglecting to welcome my friends. =D

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