Thursday, April 29, 2010

I never promised you a rose garden...

but how about a little bouquet????

Last year at my pre-Mother's Day craft show, my flowers did really, really well! So I am hoping that will hold true for this year as well! I spent several hours last night making these polymer clay roses. Each petal is hand shaped and then added to the blossom. Each one is unique. The largest blossom is about 1.5 inches across (3 cm). They are on floral wire which will get wrapped in green floral tape and they will get calyxes and some leaves as well. I think these guys are gonna be mixed media pieces as I am planning to use handmade paper for the leaves and calyxes. For some reason I don't care for the way clay leaves look! (go figure! LOL)

I am very happy with most of the colors. The really deep burgundy actually baked a tad darker than I had hoped, but they are still very pretty. The other one I odn't care for it the peachy color. These were the first ones I made and I'm not entirely happy with them. BUT I am sure someone will love them! I want to make tons more of these as I intend to 'package' them up in little vases and boxes just like the full size 'real' ones! I think I am going to have some pre-made 'arrangements' as well as some loose ones so customers can choose their quantity and colors.

For now though I need to switch modes, as my left hand is a bit sore from pinching and smooshes around 400 individual petals! So on to some other cute things. :-)

PS silly me I forgot to add the link to my Flickr so you can see more pics of my roses!


  1. Enhorabuena, te han quedado preciosas.
    Que cantidad de trabajo, con lo dificil que son de hacer tan chiquitinas.
    besitos ascension

  2. Thank you Ascension...each rose does not take too long to make, about 5 minutes. BUT when making dozens of them it does take some time. I am very pleased with them though!

  3. They are beautiful! I love them--such stunning colors! I know you will do well at your craft show.


  4. Thanks for the encouragement Jody! =D

  5. The fun thing about roses is almost ANY color or color combination works!!! I have a couple other 'varieties' I want to try as well as some white and cream ones too. I am planning on getting the floral tape and punch I need to finish them up this weekend!

  6. Your roses are gorgeous! My daughter-in-law chose a dark red rose for her wedding flowers. Yours look just like them!

  7. Thanks Kathi! I got my leaf punch and floral tape and miniature vases today so they are gonna start looking like 'real' roses real soon! ;-)


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