Monday, November 22, 2010

Been busy with little things

I was inspired by several other bloggers including Mo Tipton over at The Mouse Market. She's been making some of the most gorgeous gingerbread houses in 1/12th scale. She even has a little mini-tutorial on her blog! Since I am working more in 1/6th, I took a pattern from a cookbook and printed it out at the right size. Then I turned the printed patterns into templates by laminating them with clear packing tape. I lightly pressed each piece to some gingerbread colored clay. (which I also scented with a cinnamon Christmas oil, and added several herbs and spices for texture) I used my slicing blade to cut out the pieces. I actually worked with the sheet of clay pressed to my tile, and just peeled away the excess so as to not distort the pieces. After baking and cooling I started glueing them together. Today was spent starting on the candy making process. So far I have made candy canes, patterened hard candies, cherry sour balls, lime Dots, and Necco wafers. I need to make more Dots tomorrow and I'm also making some Kisses. While making the gingerbread I made some donuts and cupcakes too!
More pics can be found on my Flickr site here!


  1. wow. I just looked at your pics - all your little creations are amazing. I can't wait to see all the details when you're finished! -diane

  2. Los palos de caramelos perfctos.
    Un placer pasear por tu galeria flickr.
    Besos Clara

  3. Kat, I have a feeling Stitch will be popping up quite a bit from now on. he is by far my favorite Disney character!
    Thank you Clara for taking the time to stroll through my flickr!


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