Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gingerbread Update

The house itself is almost done...I'm not sure what else I want to add, but it just doesn't look complete to me. I think tomorrow I am going to start the base. I made a cream puff snowman to go out in the yard. My oldest son thinks it looks silly, but I love him! I'm thinking some 'edible' landscaping might make things better. Unless you can think of something the house needs?


  1. Love your little snowman! The house is great too. Maybe some scalloped siding would look nice? I am amazed by what you can do with clay.
    Hope you have a very nice Thanksgiving!

  2. Kathi I love the idea of the scalloped siding, I think I will use it on the next one I build. (that way I can work the design into the gingerbread itself!)
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!


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